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    Removing CPU from motherboard and plastic cap

    The last time I removed the CPU from the supermicro intel motherboard and installed the original plastic cap, I damaged the pins. I wasn't sure whether the plastic cap is supposed to go on the detachable bracket or directly on the CPU. Unfortunately, there are no videos on youtube on...
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    2133 MHz shows up as 1866 MHz on Supermicro board

    I moved the memory from A1/A2/B1/B2, D1/D2/E1/E2 to slots A1/B1/C1/D1/E1/F1/G1/H1. These are all the blue slots on the motherboard. The memory showed up as 2133MHz. Is that the preferred way of setting up memory i.e. blue slots first followed by black slots?
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    HGST HUSMM8020ASS200 goes offline

    Finally, the mystery is solved. I had hd-idle running on the system. This program turns off the scsi disks, but never turn them on. This is a known issue. Once, i disabled hd-idle for the scsi disks, they work fine.
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    2133 MHz shows up as 1866 MHz on Supermicro board

    The memory speed in the BIOS is indeed set to auto. The CPU is E5-2650 v4 which does support 2133. The manual has this documentation, I have 16GBx8 sticks. Is there any order i should follow to get 2133MHz?
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    2133 MHz shows up as 1866 MHz on Supermicro board

    Hello , I have Micron 36ASF2G72PZ-2G1B1 ram sticks in X10DriT motherboard. It supports 2133MHz but it shows up as lower speed of 1866 MHz. Any idea what could be the issue? Sample dmidecode, Handle 0x0075, DMI type 17, 40 bytes Memory Device Array Handle: 0x006D Error Information Handle: Not...
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    Supermicro SC846/X10DriT reduce power consumption

    Hello, I have a X10DriT motherboard with dual cpus (E5-2650V4) populated. I want to reduce the power consumption. One of the tricks i did was to reduce the core count from 12 to 6 and disable hyper-threading, Also, set APM to 'Energy Efficient'. The PSU is PWS-920P-SQ and the system has a...
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    HGST HUSMM8020ASS200 goes offline

    I was testing in a Supermicro SC846 with a SAS2 backplane. I move these disks to a RSV-L4500 with RSV-SATA-Cage-34 SATA/SAS cages. The disk completed the SMART test. The used endurance is shown as 0%. # smartctl -a /dev/sdc smartctl 7.2 2020-12-30 r5155 [x86_64-linux-5.12.15-arch1-1] (local...
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    Help Wanted: Supermicro x10SL7-F Now stuck in infinite boot loop

    Is it safe to use 3.10 BIOS for X10SL7?
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    TrueNAS Scale Released and Resetting the NAS Paradigm

    Dissappointed that they dont support LXD. Would have loved to run asterisk/freepbx in a container. Not everyone uses docker!
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    HGST HUSMM8020ASS200 goes offline

    Hello, I bought couple of 200GB SAS drives from ebay last year and just putting them to use the first time. The drives shows up fine on bootup but they disappear after sometime. I have them plugged into Supermicro SC846 SAS2 backplane. This is what SMART shows, # smartctl -a...
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    Supermicro SC846 fan wall

    Thank you. I want to make the server quieter with this fan wall.
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    Supermicro SC846 fan wall

    Hello, Few years ago I bought a fan wall to make the supermicro SC846 quiet. Unfortunately, i never put it to use. I am unable to locate the thread on the internet which spoke about this. Does anybody know about this fan wall?
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    Supermicro MB_10G, 10GBe NIC high temperature

    Are you not using the PCIE slots next to the heatsink? With the fan in place a card will not fit over the heatsink. I have an SFP+ card sitting over the heatsink. Wonder what is the best way to get a fan close to the heat sink. A picture of your fan+heatsink setup would be nice :)
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    SC846 rails stuck

    This is what i found at the back of the rack today. Also, there were a bunch of ball bearings next to it. Guess, I need to get a new rail. This video suggests, I should replace my existing blue label rail (MCP-290-00057-0N) with a yellow label rail (MCP-290-00053-0N).