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    Nice find, particularly with full 5-year warranty.
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    Intel SSD Optane P5800X 400GB @ $625

    Anyone knows in practice how this performs with PCIe 3.0 X4, anything close to full bandwidth of 3.6GB/s?
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    [FS][US-CA]Intel D3-S4510 S4510 3.84tb, Optane 900P 480gb AIC, Samsung PM883 1.92tb, Optane P4800x 750gb U.2

    Hi all, Selling: -Intel D3-S4510 3.84tb 2.5" SATA 5tb of total write, warranty to May 2025, 9.9 PBW (could lock to ~3tb to get 4 DWPD i.e. 22 PBW) $480 shipped -Optane 900P 480gb AIC 13tb of total write, warranty to Feb 2023, original box $480 shipped -Samsung PM883 2.5" SATA 1.92tb New...
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    dead - Kioxia XD5 m.2 22110 1.92tb $155 obo @ebay US

    Toshiba KXD51LN11T92 Hard Drive XD5 1.92TB NVMe M.2 22x110mm | eBay The seller seemed to accept $140 offer but not any lower. Looks decent? My impression is that Kioxia enterprise doesn't have its own toolbox and firmware isn't that accessible.
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    8TB Ruler format SSD - P4500- listed at $900

    Old discussion: be careful with IMFT 32 layer NAND on read-intensive drives (S3520, P4500). Failure rate higher than older and newer generations. Good price though, op.
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    EXPIRED P3605: $209

    You might be thinking about Fusion-IO drive that requires OS to be functional. Those cannot be boot drive. The P3605 uses NVME protocol and the UEFI/BIOS of most motherboards after 2015 has NVME module to boot from. Practically the compatibility of NVME module that a certain manufacturer use...
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    WTB: Samsung, Intel or Micron: 960GB enterprise/datacenter M2 NVME SSD

    Samsung PM953-983 is almost the only option.
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    [WTB]3.84TB SSD x 2

    I see 325 on this. Good luck.
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    [WTB]3.84TB SSD x 2 There were 5100 Pro for cheaper recently. Edit: well, when I post the link above, the price was 399. The seller actively changes the price up&down time to time.
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    Rare: 2400W new HotSwap Dell PSU with two NEMA 5-15P to CPC19 cables. R940, R740, R640, T640

    It is possible that the 1100w PSU is made for 110/230V at full power. Just at 110V it might slightly miss the 80PLUS (Platinum, Gold, or whatever it is rated for) efficiency so the specs need to be tweaked a little. Technically, it is not difficult/expensive to make the primary (high voltage)...
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    FS: v3 Xeon, SSDs, Networking, Misc

    Wow very good price for this moment.
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    ebay US - Kioxia (Toshiba) CM5-R NVME 3.84tb - $270 (scam?)

    Exactly. I had several SATA and NVME drives last year. Decide to keep the SATA ones for better compatibility. And now I want the speed of NVME lol.