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    TPM model help for Supermicro X11 board

    I went with the AOM-TPM-9670V-S on my X11SCH-LN4F with E-2176G on my w2019 server build and it worked right out of the box, no provisioning required.
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    Shared VM/Management Interface

    Validate the OS is actually seeing the NIC with SRV-IO capabilities: Get-NetAdapterSriov -Name "*" If not, it's either a BIOS setting, specific PCI-E slot config, or not support at the motherboard level (unfortunately my case...)
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    S2D poor cache performance

    Set-StoragePool -FriendlyName 'S2D on HVCLUSTER' -IsPowerProtected $true "Indicates whether the physical disks that belong to the storage pool have backup power systems, such as battery backup. If you specify a value of $True for this parameter, the storage pool does not perform flush...
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    Multiple Subnets on Multiple Switches, No VLAN

    Hypothetical example of an organization with 3 departments, call them IT, Sales and Service. Network Architecture Requirements: Based on all hardware being Unifi series Each dept is on its own floor, plus a data center on yet a separate floor (going for super simple mental representation...)...
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    Multiple Subnets on Multiple Switches, No VLAN

    Most importantly: Do you utilize a Unify Controller, either CloudKey, Pi or software? If so: Do you have a main switch the other switches wire back to, and your SG connects to? For each network address range, did you setup a network in your controller? Are they "LAN/Corporate" networks or what...
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    Multiple Subnets on Multiple Switches, No VLAN

    Sounds interesting and FWIW - I have a complete homogeneous Unifi network with Pro4 SG, 4 switches (24pt POE, 3x 8pt POE) , 4x Pro HD APs and CloudKey controller configured with 3 wifi SSIDs (on different VLANs) and additional wired VLANs for lab stuff (some routed, some not) and 2 internet...
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    EU 3U Supermicro MicroCloud 96GB 24/48 Cores

    I've always been curious about the power draw of one of these systems. Have you ever plugged the unit in behind a Watt meter and measured the total power consumption?
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    Supermicro X11SCH* Bios 1.0b - Thumbs Up!

    I finally got around to updating the bios on my Supermicro X11SCH-LN4F motherboards today. And so far I'll say it's been a huge success. A couple things to note fixed in this release: 1. CPU consumption due to Interrupts: Before the update Core 0 on my E-2176G CPU would run at constant 80%...
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    SuperMicro SC846 questions

    Rack chassis cooling depends on many factors: Qty/Form factor of drives: fully populated drive bays minimize total airflow through chassis unless it's 2.5" drives in a 3.5" bay. Higher RPM fans assist with this (hopefully more volume of air) RPM of drives or SSD: How much heat are the drives...
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    Have I Lost My Mind? - New to me house needs network drops. Server rack in the garage...

    Sounds very much like a setup I had once upon a time in Texas. 42u rack, 2x IBM BladeCenter chassis,2x 36drive bay storage servers, 2x 10Gb and 2x 1GB switches, a couple Juniper routers and F5 BigIPs. Also a 2 story house and fortunately the spare bedroom upstairs had a walk-in closet that...
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    Please help me understand the fan controls of Supermicro MB's

    Francis - you are correct, the thresholds are for the alarms themselves. Not nearly as elaborate as trying to build your own temp/rpm curve, but if you'd like to cap the maximum speed of a fan, the "Noctua NA-FC1 4-pin PWM Fan Controller" (Amazon) will do just that...
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    Options for NVMe raid on Windows.

    SM's current H11SSL-NC offers the LSI3008 RAID chip that supports up to 8 drives for your OS RAID. Their website only mentions "SAS" with the 3008 but I did inquire with SM's tech support with regards to SATA support and was informed it is supported and that 2 logical drives can be created (I...
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    xeon e-2278G missing from stores

    I faced the same issue with Provantage and ordering a E-2176G CPU when it first released. I filled the delivery gap with a I3-8350K CPU that saw a month of usage and has been sitting in the desk drawer ever since. Also have a E-2174G that was utilized for the same purpose. They are available if...
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    FS: IBM G8124 (24x10Gb SFP+) Switch

    PnoT - I think you're offering a pretty good deal. I've used the BladeNetworks/IBM/Lenovo switches for years and I've always appreciated their feature sets and free firmware availability. Plus I like the fact they can be managed via web or cli. I too have some of the G8000 / G8052 / G8124 /...
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    Any new Supermicro motherboard on the pipe for EPYC Rome?

    The Supermicro M2 PCI-E slots vary from board to board: H11DSi: Qty 1 PCI-E 3.0 x2 lanes H11SSL*: Qty 1 PCI-E 3.0 x4 lanes H11SSW*: Qty 2 PCI-E 3.0 x2 lanes NOTE: 2 additional NVMe ports on H11SSL-NC model, plus a SAS RAID controller (and SATA as verified by SM) New Server Specific Boards...