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    LGA 4677?

    LGA4677 has a considerably different layout though (See attached diagrams - src: diagrams on imgur extracted from TE's documentation). Those extra pads (The smaller, circular ones) are not primary data or power pads, but are used for auxiliary/debug functionality, such as fine-grained input...
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    Epyc 7002/Rome boards - some new ones coming soon! (Supermicro, Asrock, Asus, Gigabyte, Tyan)

    Nice find! With a search for that board, I found a catalog of upcoming and released AMD boards from Asrock which included that entry - Theres an matx board with 6 dimm slots for epyc 7002 in there. Interesting choice.. could...
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    Epyc 7002/Rome boards - some new ones coming soon! (Supermicro, Asrock, Asus, Gigabyte, Tyan)

    Hi TXAG26 - it looks like there actually should be a win10 compatible driver. According to lenovo's documentation for some NICs they have that use the same BCM57416 chipset - found here this chipset does in fact support win server 2016 and 2019, and virtually...
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    Epyc 7002/Rome boards - some new ones coming soon! (Supermicro, Asrock, Asus, Gigabyte, Tyan)

    Unfortunately I haven't seen any standard-formfactor 2P rome boards. So far the only ones I've seen were proprietary formfactors for various models of pre-built servers.
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    Why is only 1 cpu used?

    The process group extender is actually a really nice find. Granted, almost everything I use is process-group aware in this day and age, but its nice to have for the handful of programs that aren't, and im sure its a bigger issue for some other people who are stuck on software that isnt aware.
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    Epyc 7002/Rome boards - some new ones coming soon! (Supermicro, Asrock, Asus, Gigabyte, Tyan)

    I couldn't find any mention of this here at least from topic search, so figured I'd post a list I found from @momomo_us on twitter (a user mainly known for finding unreleased and leaked parts on benchmark websites). From my knowledge, a few of these are out already, but most are new releases...
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    Dell Precision T7920 Dual Intel Xeon Workstation Review

    I've got experience using the T7920 and left some comments on the article from my own experience over the last couple years with it. I'll paste them here too for anyone interested.
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    Any new Supermicro motherboard on the pipe for EPYC Rome?

    Supermicro has added 'H12' as one of the search filters - right now there are just the 4 boards for the servers they launched. Hopefully we will see more H12 boards launching soon. Server Boards | Super Micro Computer, Inc.
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    HP Smart Socket Removal?

    You can just hold the center of the CPU's IHS down with your thumb and use your other hand to pull up on the 'handle' tab to peel it away. The adhesive isnt unreasonably strong and I've never had it damage the CPU itself.
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    ES or Research MCM CPUs teased by Intel

    Heres a collection of ES or Research MCM CPUs that Intel was teasing a month ago (July), and since I didnt see them get posted here (or much of anywhere really. A reddit thread, tom's hardware, twitter and some foreign language websites, based on google reverse image search.) I figured I'd put...
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    AMD Unveils 7nm EPYC Rome Processors, up to 64 Cores and 128 Threads for $6,950

    Supermicro has several H12 servers available and some unlisted product pages for some boards, but the boards themselves aren't for sale individually yet. Judging by the release of the H11 servers and boards, it could be a couple months before we see H12 boards available at retail, but I hope it...
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    Questions about AMD EPYC NUMA & Rome

    Based on Patrick's AMD Next Horizon coverage, yes, Epyc Rome will solve this issue, as the IO chip is presumably able to act as a single root PCIE controller, eliminating the need for switches (unless you wanted even more lanes)...
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    ES cpu issues with Supermicro

    I have a stepping 2 rev B0 processor, if thats what you mean, but it hasn't experienced any stability issues in any software (though I haven't specifically used maxwell renderer or photoshop)
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    ES cpu issues with Supermicro

    What software were you using for your render? I've seen situations before where dual socket systems get odd performance issues (performance failed to scale) even on pure-parallel-compute non-shared-memory tasks where their single-socket counterparts (even systems with MCM cpus in a 1S config...
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    Help me run the Platinum 8180 Processor ES

    I know it works on the original bios: Bios version 1.0, build date 06/22/2017 CPLD ver 04.B0.29 I've got a cpuid screenshot from a while ago of the QL1K. That one was a loaner that I don't have anymore. I can get a screen for the QL1F later.