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    Asrocks new C2750 & C2550 boards (12 SATA ports and IPMI).

    Lack of USB 3.0 is a deal breaker for me, not ok for a Q4 2013 product. If they have any specific reasons for not including USB 3.0 it would be nice to hear them... What does the backside(underneath) of the C2750D4I look like?
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    C6100 xs23-ty3 Node workstation (pinouts etc)

    Google Translate PSU doesn't get the signal to power itself off with the Chinese solution?
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    Dell C6100 XS23-TY3 2U 4-Node (8 CPU) Cloud Server

    Sounds like an interesting project =)
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    Too Cool not to share

    USB 3 0 A Male Y Cable to A Female Connector Cable | eBay and EU Plug USB AC Power Supply Power Home Wall Charger Adapter for iPod iPhone4 4S | eBay Useful for usb-ports that power off during reboots and/or hdds that need the extra juice...
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    E3-1230 vs. E3-1230L for home server

    Isn't the S1200V3RPL a micro-atx board?
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    Taming the C6100's%20Guide_en-us.pdf page 35 and 36 any useful info?
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    Asrock C226 ITX soon

    It could have been a very versatile mobo reaching a bigger audience, but i guess they didn't want that and went pure server :( Time will tell... I meant 16GB dimm support not more slots, 4 slots would probably have to put lots of stuff on the backside of the mobo... So 16GB dimm(32GB total)...
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    Too Cool not to share

    Early USB3 items(not leaving out funky BIOSes and drivers from hell), esp cheap ebay stuff, was like a game of russian roulette, overall it seems to be way way better now... If I remember correct(correct me if I'm wrong), max supported isos in the _iso folder is 32 if the firmware is old and 64...
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    Asrock C226 ITX soon

    Can't figure out why the use of C226 and then leave out hdmi/dvi... Anyone see vPro anywhere? C1 or C2? Any chance we will see 32GB support in the future?
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    Too Cool not to share

    Been using the VE-200 (hdd) for maybe two years now, very happy with it. Been using the VE-300 (ssd) for almost a year and I'm even happier with that one, makes one look a lot at front usb spec when checking cases/server specs, only to find out that most are only 2.0 :( VE-300 with a SSD is...