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    Wanted - V100 PCIE AIC

    I got a 16GB V100 for less than 1K with a strange water cooling block attached, that makes some problems (algae or something clogging loop) Seller did have more. I'm kind of interested to get 1-2 more. Could ask him if he still has them and sells the whole lot - If you are interested in getting...
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    Updated: 5-14-21, EPYCS, DDR3/4, SAS3/NVME's SSDs

    Hello What are the specs of this one? AMD 7001 ES $600
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    EU FS: (1.5.2021 NEW STUFF ADDED) 16GB & 32GB 2666 & 3200MHz DDR4 RDIMMs & DCPMMs, Intel Xeon LGA2011-3 & LGA3647 CPUs, Supermicro motherboards

    Hi. I’m interested in the 2x Intel Xeon Gold 6142 QL28 ES (USED) - 250€ per CPU How about motherboard compatibility? Im specifically interested in putting them in a Tyan Thunder HX FA77-B7119 Barebone