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    20TB hard drive for $295

    I also had a bad experience with them in the past. I bough like 5 hdd labeled as new and I received 5 drives with wiped smart data but physically looked like they been thru hell. You can tell that they were installed because of the scuffs and dents on the sides. If you receive a disk with 0...
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    UK ALL GONE - Lenovo ThinkStation P350 Tiny new / i5 11500 / 8GB RAM / 256GB NVMe / 3 yr warranty NOW £420 (or less!) delivered

    So how much did you end up paying per unit? Was the discount because you ordered several? I just need one.
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    Att 2gig service weird speedtests

    I bought a Intel X710-T4L to avoid this same issue you are experiencing with pfsense. I can't wait for when AT&T decides to offer higher than 1gbps on my location.
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    AMD making a fool of Threadripper customers - AGAIN?

    I got my 3960x when it came out and I'm low key mad that they might not offer me an upgrade path with my Asus trx40 motherboard. This is what happens when there is no competition but I will vote with my wallet and if intel releases a Threadripper competitor I will purchase it to stick it to AMD.
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    14 TB WD Easystore $200 @BestBuy

    Price back down to $200
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    Intel SSD Optane P5800X 400GB @ $625

    Seller offered two 400Gb for $1,000 if anyone is interested. I was about to pull the trigger on the 800GB for $1000 but he relisted for $1,300 like the poster above me said. I got one 400GB and will keep waiting if he decides to lower the price or list any 1.6TB for a good price.
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    16TB WD Easystore External USB 3.0 Hard Drive $254.99 @ Best Buy

    Better buy whatever you can now before chia mining picks up. Hdd/ssd are going to get really expensive in the near future
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    FT: My new-in-box Nvidia RTX3090 for another Nvidia 3000/some combination of other recent nvidia GPUs

    I have never seen anyone complete a trade like this online. I say just sell the card for whatever you can get and buy whatever you want as to avoid wasting people's time. You will never be happy with what people will offer you. That and the logistics of it. Who will ship first? What happens if...
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    New Intel Optane P5800X 100 DWPD SSD Dominates PCIe Gen4

    This is what I'm hoping for.
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    How I find deals on ebay...

    Yeah that one. The page looks dated like it was made long time ago but it works pretty good.
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    How I find deals on ebay...

    Been using this website for the past few months that let you add search alerts for ebay and it works pretty well. Found it after ifttt decided to remove ebay from the platform via a reddit post. My latest deal was a quadro p4000 for $176 and a Klein cl800 multimeter for...
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    Micron 9100 MAX vs. Intel DC P3608...thoughts?

    You didn't say what capacity you bought for the intel or micron. I know you already got it but if the difference were $1,200 more for the same capacity i would of bought the micron drives and maybe buy an extra drive or two with the extra money
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    [Deal?] LSI 9400-8i (Lenovo 530-8i) 12Gbps Tri-Mode SAS SATA NVMe HBA $129

    Whats the cheapest way to connect 24 sata hdd with one of these cards?
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    Canada WTB: Quadro P400 or P600

    Get a 1660 instead of the p400/600. Much better card with better quality transcodes. You will need to remove the limitations of the streams same as the quaddros(p400/600) Video Encode and Decode GPU Support Matrix