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    I did a thing.

    I have a Proxmox host that does all my virtualization as well as storage. I want to offload some of the smaller virtual machines and the storage role to TrueNAS, as we all know ZFS likes RAM, and I have been forced of late to balance ARC and Virtural Machines on the Proxmox host. TrueNAS will...
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    I did a thing.

    I ran NappIT and OmniOS for years, it was stable and never had any issues with it until I upgraded my hardware to Ryzen 3XXX, then things got wonky.
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    I did a thing.

    I installed TrueNAS core beta on one of my machines today. It certainly is more refined than it used to be, I think the last time I installed FreeNAS was 10.4 or something like that. I had no issues getting it to install on my Ryzen 7 3700X box. I'm running initial tweaks on the file system and...
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    Hyper-V w/Failover cluster

    You also need to deploy the VM w/ High Availability
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    Different speeds to and from on 10G network.

    A good managed switch will show you pauses related to flow control. You can use the ethtool app to turn flow control on and off. ethtool -A eth0 [autoneg on|off] [rx on|off] [tx on|off]
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    WD Elements all SMR drives - looking for advice on management

    These are low cost and will get you back in the game, I have been using these for a very long time with minimal failure rates.
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    WD Elements all SMR drives - looking for advice on management

    Do not under any circumstance use SMR drives for ZFS. They are fine stand alone in a workstation. These are not NAS, RAID, or ZFS compliant.
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    Intel X520-DA2 Motherboard Compatibility

    I ran into the same issue, I tried to put one in an AsRock X570 Phantom MB.
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    Different speeds to and from on 10G network.

    Have you looked at pausing due to flow control on the switch or on a NIC(s)?
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    Newegg Easyshucks 10TB $165

    This is tempting. My synology is out of space.
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    3 CPU's not working after installed on one specific board

    I've had a bad power supply take out the CPUs, every stick of RAM, mainboard, and PCIE device. To be sure, I'd make sure the bios is the latest version on the testing system board.
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    3U Supermicro CSE-836TQ Chassis (No caddies and shroud) $145 OBO

    I am curious to see what their response is.
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    Proxmox-ve 6.1 kvm based all in one Freenas guide

    I have been presenting ZFS datasets from Proxmox for a while now, it's pretty straight forward, and I would expect that they would be adding the feature to present zfs datasets and pools within their web UI in a future release. To present my storage via NFS, I installed the nfs-kernel-server...
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    Windows 10 slow on Proxmox 6

    It sounds like you might be CPU bound. Windows 10 is notoriously heavy.