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    der8auer overclocks EPYC 7601 with Supermicro H11SSL-i

    What is most interesting to me the massive performance drop going from 8 channel to 4 channel memory. I started a thread on thus forum asking if anyone had any data on this configuration. The consensus from most that the difference would be minimal. at least in Cinebench, that does not seem...
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    10k 2.5 vs SSD 2.5

    setting up Freenas for ZFS will probably outperform Windows with the same hardware. Just make sure to setup the disks is one big mirrored V-Dev and you have enough RAM. 64GB of RAM is probably the minimum required for 80TB of Storage. Key trick with ZFS, is dont let your disks get more than...
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    The E5-2670 second coming

    I think the 2011-3 platform is now stagnant. Skylake-X (7000 series) will be the last generation for it. Intel have switched to the LGA 3647 socket for the Xeon line. They are likely to switch the workstation platform to that socket as well. The "5Ghz" 28 core workstation Intel showed...
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    New Server Purchase - Proc Recommendations

    The Supermicro Ultra servers seem very similar: Ultra Servers | Super Micro Computer, Inc. I think the WIO series is more popular in the datacentre But looking at your current usage, Dell R720 and R620 and the Supermicro Ultra servers might be overkill and not good value for money. I usually...
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    AMD Epyc - performance impact of runing 4 channel memory instead of 8 Channels

    Thanks, It does show that populating the right slots to ensure that each CPU die gets a RAM module, makes a big difference. (63GB/s vs 83GB/s) and nearly half the latency (from 138ns to 87.8ns)
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    AMD Epyc - performance impact of runing 4 channel memory instead of 8 Channels

    I would normally completely agree with you, if not for infinity fabric, which is related to Memory performance. I am just not certain if is the clock rate that matters, or the memory bandwidth. Ryzen's Infinity Fabric Clock Speed is Linked to Memory Clock Speed... Might Explain Why Memory OCs...
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    Make Windows 10 think an iSCSI Disk is a standard hard drive

    Maybe give AMD StoreMI a try? Maybe it's less restrictive than Intel for iSCSI. I have seen people use Optane modules with StoreMI. You can even add a RAM cache in the mix as well.
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    Windows performance on Proxmox - sanity check

    I have older and almost identical hardware. At the end of the day, I got the best performance with LVM with logical volumes for each VM. ZFS on Linux still has some way to go. One idea I was playing with doing was to run FreeNAS on the host itself and hardware passthrough-ing the disks to...
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    AMD Epyc - performance impact of runing 4 channel memory instead of 8 Channels

    That would be great. The VM's are individual stacks of a Java-based Web-app with MySQL server on each VM. I don't know how common it is for people to half populate and "upgrade later/too-late/never" their servers. Maybe an article on the implications of the practice might be in order.
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    AMD Epyc - performance impact of runing 4 channel memory instead of 8 Channels

    Hi All I have a client who is buying a 1U single socket Supermicro server with an Epyc 7351P 16 Core processor. The application is as a small Proxmox host, running Debian VM instances for clients. The intention is to run about 40 VM's at 128GB of RAM (32GB modules), but retaining the option...