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    Hardware Failures in 2022 - Post yours!

    I just had my last OCZ Vertex 4 SSD fail, after spending the last 10 years as various Server's Read / Write Caches for batch jobs. That little 120GB SSD had over 800TB of writes to it in the end, way WAY more than it was rated for. Overall these OCZ SSDs weren't anything great, but while the...
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    MikroTik CRS312-4C+8XG-RM 12-Port 10GbE Switch Review

    What @Spartacus said. For homes or other finished structures looking to go 10gb, Ethernet offers a lot more freedom compared to Fiber. I'm actually encountering that right now, where I've just moved into a new home. I have Cat6 available that I could use directly to wire from the main floor to...
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    lga3647 esxi build to host my Oracle Apps/Databases

    There's no benefit to installing the GPU. ESXi has no need for high end graphics. The ast2500 will give you all the graphics you need through the IPMI. The only reason I'd install it is if you have any VM workload that might benefit from a GPU being passed through to it. Oracle at this time...
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    That case and design methodology just looks so great to me! I love walking by their Exadata racks and the ZFS5-4 Engineered Storage racks. They just *look* great. They aren't terribly expensive on the second-hand market so definitely curious about a build-log to make this work :D
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    25gbe switches, anyone with a list and pricing?

    I don't know if you're asking about home use or business use. If it's home use, good luck for Ethernet. 25g is mostly a back-rev to price differentiate between 40G gear and 10G gear. It helps keep 40G gear prices propped up rather than having to lower prices. Kind of like how 10K and 15K...
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    Supermicro X9DRD-7LN4F for $130+shipping

    Awesome! Didn't realize that. I was following the X9DR7-JLN4F which I also have, that *doesn't* have the 3.3 release yet. Has been "pending" forever. That's 1 host at least that I can get updated.
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    Supermicro X9DRD-7LN4F for $130+shipping

    I've had my X9DRD-7LNF4 for 6 years now, and it's been a great board. Still waiting on the Spectre / Meltdown BIOS for it. Also wish IPMI upgrades weren't so harrowing. They never go as planned. "wait for it to reach 100%". Sits at 23% forever instead because the IPMI resets entirely. I just...
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    HGST 4TB NAS 109.99 After Code [Newegg]

    Probably worth noting that in comparison to this drive deal, the STDR5000404 is a density-focused 2.5" drive using SMR. Yes it's a lot of Storage space, but they are not useful in any meaningful capacity aside from single-disk jbods. Making 2 or more SMR drives work together in a pool is a...
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    Connecting Cisco UCS 6248UP switch to Cisco Nexus 5020

    Yep, the cables you mentioned above will work just fine for that!
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    Connecting Cisco UCS 6248UP switch to Cisco Nexus 5020

    Keep in mind that the 6248 is a Fabric Interconnect. While it has functions of a switch, its administration and operation is very different from a standard Nexus switch. You can use the cable just fine. A passive cable is a cable that has transceivers on each side sending the data with nothing...
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    Hardware Behind the WowerEdge Dell EMC PowerEdge MX Innovation

    The difference is Dell (and technology in general's) core focus does not use a mid-plane. Composable environments are leveraging File based, and Object based storage technologies. Fiber and SAS are still needed to support and be usable in a great number of today's infrastructures, but FC has...
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    Hardware Behind the WowerEdge Dell EMC PowerEdge MX Innovation

    It's worth noting that there actually *are* still mid-planes in the system. There's a Power Plane to grid the PSU's together, and there's a small mid-plane in the Storage Fabric (SAS and FC). The actual stitching is on the Ethernet side of the house. The Fabric is composed of 2 A switch...
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    AMD EPYC 3251 8 core 16 Thread SoC

    I wonder how many years we'll wait for amd-xgbe support in vSphere..
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    Hardware Behind the WowerEdge Dell EMC PowerEdge MX Innovation

    Wanted to note a couple more things that I thought were pretty cool: The compute sleds are persistent memory compatible. You lose 2 drive slots where the battery is installed in the front. The Storage sled is dual port SAS, and because of the midplane-less design, you do NOT have to provision...
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    VMworld this year

    I need to pay better attention to my notifications :) Yes, works for me.