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    LSI 9361-8i issue

    Option ROM Bios could have been erased earlier (but for what). But in anyway live equipment you should see with lspci output in Linux and in Windows "Computer management" (even as unknown device)
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    SX6036 vpi ethernet gateway other than management port

    read documentation: there is enough information how to split 40gb port in 4x10gb ports and any breakout cable will work.
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    Arista DCS-7050SX-64 won't start

    this one pricectrl on eBay But there a lot of companies that don`t test equipment after recycling. For example last purchase dedicatednetwork on eBay: spent 3 days just to prepare equipment for install with hammer and then test it!
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    Arista DCS-7050SX-64 won't start

    Does it metter? But yes, on eBay.
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    Arista DCS-7050SX-64 won't start

    front panel won`t tell you about health of switch. Try to remove memory module and insert new one (also can test module from switch with any pc/server). Also test CMOS battery. I have similar (Brocade). No console output and according repair company: mainboard itself now is dead, CPU won`t...
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    Satadom on R720?

    I don`t remember and don`t see Orange jack (probably it`s very light and for me this one is white on picture). New orange jack for power DOM appears in Supermicro X10 motherboards. BUT DOM has to have ability to work with such port. These DOMs (model) can be powered only by cable.
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    Satadom on R720?

    You can easy buy it on eBay with cable for one or two satadom modules. Power cable is installed in DVD jack. Netapp uses it in Solidfire series. p.s. this is not a solution for R720XD LFF: Dell just disabled these onboard slots (with a small notice in...
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    R720 - iDRAC cannot initialize (MB replaced)

    Probably the same issue that HP has: dead 4Gb SanDisk SSD chip. Will try to test it in future. In case of HP this is simple: just reball new chip and use standard format command from iLo. In case of Dell use onboard SD-card reader. For Tower with JTAG or with external SD-card reader probably.
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    Beware of EMC switches sold as Mellanox SX6XXX on eBay

    There is no external soft. MLNX-OS is made by Mellanox. But package contain all firmwares for all switches. So last hp 8010 version added some specific setting for HP switches. And IBM 8012 version also added own IBM settings, and also contain HP firmwares.
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    HP SN2100

    There is no problem to activate these ports. This is your choose: to pay full price for standard Mellanox or cost-lest version of HPE and buy then activation. Of course you can easily extract all firmwares for each switch from Onyx package and try to re-brand. But nobody will say you that you...
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    There is no absolutely any problem with ANY brands that already use MLNX-OS. IBM, HP, original work perfectly with gateway and ethernet activated options.
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    Beware of EMC switches sold as Mellanox SX6XXX on eBay

    What is your current firmware? It`s better to install 3.4.xx first, and only after 3.6.xx
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    Beware of EMC switches sold as Mellanox SX6XXX on eBay

    Nope, at all. Does it from cisco?
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    Beware of EMC switches sold as Mellanox SX6XXX on eBay

    Now No more conversion complexity required or old firmware.
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    EXPIRED Mellanox SX6036 36ports QSFP €150

    Now you can just install options for its; no old non-upgraded software and long way to convert. -L2 (and "full" in old naming) -L3 -GW -Fabric inspector Takrbark3, MLNX-OS is a global OS so 10G/25G/100G is not for SX6036, only for next revisions.