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    HGST Ultrastar SSD1600MM FW B100, B300, B360

    Make sure you are on 512 block size...
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    PfSense Starting Fresh: Advice?

    Is this a known vector of attack?
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    Cable for r7x0 server

    I am trying to find the right cable to use for my r720 with r730 backplane installed to run to a card in the rear PCIE slots (5,6,7). greater than 31" long left (?) angle SFF-8643 -> straight SFF-8643 Something like the Dell 9MHYN might work but the angle is in the wrong direction I think.
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    R720 backplane swap

    Adapter cable made and working well... Now to figure out which SAS cable fits best.
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    R720 backplane swap

    First pass bench test looking good. Used external 12V power supply to r730 backplane 10pin connector. I was able to route the HBA cable and backplane signal wire out one of the empty PCIE cover slots. I am not sure if the "ID" (grey wires) are important but I used a small jumper wire to short...
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    R720 backplane swap

    I want to use 12G SAS drives in this chassis and right angle 8087->8643 cables are hard to come by.
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    R720 backplane swap

    I will not be using the mini integrated slot for raid. I will be using an hba330 pcie.
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    Dell QL41164 Disable Option ROM?

    The R720 bios doesn't allow disabling the rNDC OPROM, anyone ever hack a dell bios?
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    Dell QL41164 Disable Option ROM?

    Yeah, I guessed as much. I don't need to do any booting off this NIC so I figured there might be some way to turn the option rom off all together? Going through the command line tools I don't see anything obvious.
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    Dell QL41164 Disable Option ROM?

    I installed a QL41164 RNDC card into my R720 and it complains about the option rom at boot. Anyone have any ideas how to disable it? Bios only lets me disable option rom for devices in the pcie slots not the RNDC port.
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    R720 backplane swap

    I am working on swapping an R720 8xLFF BP with an R730 8xLFF BP. Looks like all I will need to do is make a custom cable combining the 2x 8pin power connectors on the R720 into the 10pin R730 power cable. Anyone ever done anything similar? Attached is my pinout documentation I worked out from...
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    NVDimm support on AMD Epyc

    Analog Devices bought Linear Technology a few years ago.
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    Chelsio T540-CR PCIE Bracket

    Anyone have any ideas for getting a bracket for a T540-CR? Maybe someone has made one to be 3d printed? Thanks!
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    EMC Branded HGST SSD Firmware Update

    Is it possible to update firmware in drives like the HUSMM1616ASS204 (IDs as HUSMM141CLAR1600)? I have a mix of C250 and C342 firmwares on my drives. I would like to upgrade them all to C342 or newer if possible. I was able to change them all 520B->512B blocks and 6gb->12gb rate already but...