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    Nytro 5000 1.92Tb XP1920LE30002 $199.99

    I broke it.:confused:
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    FS - SSD, RAIDController, Switches, Enclosures

    You just haven’t bought the equipment yet you meant to say. Eholyst. What’s your location?
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    Nytro 5000 1.92Tb XP1920LE30002 $199.99

    Amazon link even better now it’s 159.99 Wife’s probably going to take away my internet. I just picked up two from blackmesa’s link.
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    NAS with 10gb/s internal and external speed.

    I just put a post about this wondering about it.
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    SMB office backup/music server QNAP TS-332X

    Here is Qnap's link. QNAP TS-332X Looks pretty interesting. 6 disk(3 Spinners, 3 - M.2 2280 disks) While, I'm not sure I would use it the fact that it has 3.5 audio out jack makes it a bit of an odd duck. Guess they are thinking you would put this next to the Xbox/PlayStation/Home Theater...
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    SK Hynix Lot of 2 16GB PC4-2133P $56 (DEAD)

    So the x99 board will boot with rdimm but not the 16Gb in this thread. It does boot with some old 4Gb. But only half ass as soon as you put more than two Rdimms in the board boot test loop hangs and won’t continue. So 8Gb total. Also if you wish. You can do the All Core Turbo unlock on the...
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    SK Hynix Lot of 2 16GB PC4-2133P $56 (DEAD)

    Don’t think it officially but I’ll see if it works.
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    SK Hynix Lot of 2 16GB PC4-2133P $56 (DEAD)

    I’ll be testing my sets tomorrow. I picked up two of the x99 boards from EVGA
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    What is that "STH Merch Shop" Link?

    I just checked the link. Hoodies not present. Also is it a heavy duty hoodie or a light weight.
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    Price Check on Space Heaters

    I have some X8 supermicro boards/processors/heatsink. Other than using for winter heaters how much do they go for $? They are dual x5650's I think. I also have older 5620's ill throw in. I have been re-using the rack cases and doing upgrades so they 2/3u's are not available. What type of...
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    HGST 8TB SAS HUH728080AL5200

    ..... money allocated to different stuff. But it’s an indication that cost is going to start dropping hopefully more keep coming
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    HGST 8TB SAS HUH728080AL5200

    Hope they are all like this drive.
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    Gigabyte R180-F34 1U Server (2011-3) $94-109 + Shipping

    This is to control SATA hard drives it is not a native SAS Controllers meaning a sas drive isn’t supported.
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    EVGA midweekmadness 1080ti's $350 & 2080ti's $550 x99 motherboard $99

    Yeah they have all types of stuff. Every Wednesday it happens. Some times you’ll go on like today and fined they have x99 motherboards.
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    EVGA midweekmadness 1080ti's $350 & 2080ti's $550 x99 motherboard $99

    On Wednesdays if you didn't know EVGA puts out discounts on b-stock items they have a year warranty on them. 1080ti's for 350. Seen 2080ti's as low as 550.