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    A rainy day project - Warning PIC Heavy!!

    Hahahaha, it's been so long since I did this, that I can't remember for sure now which was the correct pad, but I'll go with the one that shows where the wire is soldered. I guess I screwed up putting the annotation on the photo. They say that the camera never lies, that's my excuse and I'm...
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    Whitch distro for home server

    I am firmly in the Debian camp, with or without a GUI. It's rock solid and easy to maintain. Help and resources are readily available and there's a massive community of users that will almost certainly be able to work through issues with you if you have them. All bar one of my servers are...
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    Monitor repair - Chicago

    I stopped commercially repairing monitors after the first half dozen cfl tube swaps :) Anything beyond a power supply repair now is just not economical, for me or a customer. I still do my own and an odd one for friends, but modern monitors are just e-waste in waiting. If you do find anywhere...
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    Replacing SATA disks with SAS disks while keeping the same RAID?

    Not advisable. While the controller can handle both protocols, you are playing with fire trying to do that in the same array. Better to build another array and bit copy your data over :)
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    RJ-45 Audio Quality adapter - who knew?

    Only in a degraded state, providing they stay attached to the cord :D
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    RJ-45 Audio Quality adapter - who knew?

    You know it's only quieter because it moves your Ethernet cord 3" away from your switch, right? ;):D
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    Supermicro hands down imo
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    A rainy day project - Warning PIC Heavy!!

    Perhaps, as with anything else, things become more reliable per iteration/ cycle. That said, any software update comes with risk attached and Dell churn out that many things, that software is not generally given enough attention imo. Read what's in front of you in the documentation. Often with...
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    A bit of personal news today

    Obviously they are not working you hard enough, if you had time for this ;):D Congratulations to you both!
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    Issue installing OS on T430 with H730

    Are the disks formatted to 512e, not some funky 520 or something? Have you tried installing an OS onto a direct attached disk?
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    ZOL - recover lacked MBR after physical problem

    Before you do anything, bit copy/ image both disks onto known good media. You can use dd or similar to achieve this. If all else fails, you can return the disks to their pre-existing states and try again, as many times as you like, before hopefully/ successfully recovering your data. You can...
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    A rainy day project - Warning PIC Heavy!!

    Just so folks understand, a recovered "good" image file, from a working iDRAC6 board is likely copyright to Dell, or at least in that grey area where what happens behind closed doors for personal use...Anyway, I won't openly post a file for this, for that reason and that I have no wish to get...
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    In need of a bit if advise please.

    A sm x9scm-f, 32GB of unbuffered ecc DDR3, a v2 E3 chip and a cheap Raid/ HBA card is heading in the right direction :)
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    Supermicro CSE-836 3u Max Heatsink Height

    Unlikely. 1U = 1.75" or 44.45mm, therefore 3U = 133.35mm. If you remove known component heights like Mainboard standoff's, board thickness, socket+chip/ heatsink mount height etc and allow a few mm of clearance to the inside of the lid, that should give you the ballpark height of any heatsink...