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    Mikrotik Router OS Vulnerability

    Why do you assume people won't be using RouterOS with their MikroTik? Is it that bad? I would think it delivers good value for the price... Jiri
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    Considering upgrade from Intel/E5-2670v1 to SM/E5-2620v4

    DDR4 are more expensive than DDR3, yet DDR4 is (way) cheaper than it was even relatively recently - I would understand that based on my observations and from both the comments. I have also thought about upgrading from V1 CPUs to V3, but decided against. I did upgrade to V2 where I thought it...
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    EU (not a deal) Intel DC s3520 SSD 1.6TB 2.5"

    I got my for £160 (+shipping) for one disk. Even though I could find use for more, my wallet would object strongly. Jiri
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    EU (not a deal) Intel DC s3520 SSD 1.6TB 2.5"

    I would think that this here HP 805383-001 804612-004 1.6TB SSD 2.5" SATA HDD *New Bulk* | eBay is a good deal. I have ordered one, came packed in a sealed package (seems like new) and has zero power-on hours - so as advertised. The best part? It took 24h from my ordering it to being...
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    NFSv3 or NFSv4 for home NAS

    I would also vouch for NextCloud/OwnCloud - if it's more than LAN sharing with family (SMB/Samba for local.). Users can decide themselves what to share with whom (file only, folder - with a specific user, a group, over an email link...). And it's especially well suited for non-techies - they...
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    Anyone know of a wifi smart plug with default on after outage?

    I have very good experience with Sonoff. I think that even with default firmware they can be told to return to previous state. I use them with Tasmota custom firmware, which can be set to whatever option you want - always on after outage, last state, always off after outage... Jiri
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    EU Supermicro X9SRI-F

    I also have that board from this same seller, ordered Jun 19 last year. Running well with no problems until now. I also have some (2) of the X79 chinese boards @Petas3 mentioned above. The SuperMicro is surely more limited in its expandability, but seems better built and has remote management...
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    EU - Would anyone buy chinese new X79 2011 motherboards in EU

    I have two of them (albeit not this precise type) and they are reliable and good - first one is running 12+months 99.9% of the time, the second one 7+months. They are suitable as workstation only, because they lack any remote-management capability, which I think is very important for a proper...
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    Silent ESXI Host

    I've got a NAS / VM machine with SuperMicro Xeon D-1541, with 1U passive heatsink. In all the cases it went through, I had to mount a fan right on it to induce better airflow. The best case for the NAS from my point of view - quiet, cool, ease to install, ease to modify - is by far the Fractal...
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    FreeNas Home tight budget system

    Yes, I did, but not intentionally. I temporarily moved the board to a different case and had to use a different cooler - the airflow in normal tower case is insufficient to cool a server grade 1U passive cooler. Therefore I changed the thermal paste while using a different cooler. But as I said...
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    FreeNas Home tight budget system

    @Slahit , I know that setup from a certain German seller, I have one (with 1TB drives). It's a great machine, relatively quiet (for 1U machine), with very good power consumption - if I remember well, it was about 20W idle in Ubuntu and well bellow 60W at heavy load... Great one to start with. Jiri
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    External enclosure for m.2 SSD?

    On Aliexpress, there are quite a few adapters or enclosures for m.2/NGFF SSDs - something like this: USB 3.0 to M.2 NGFF SSD Mobile hard disk box Adapter Card External Enclosure Case for m2 SSD USB 3.0 Case 2230/2242/2260/2280-in HDD Enclosure from Computer & Office on | Alibaba...
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    xmrstak - Choose specific GPU to mine with?

    Yes, you select the GPU to be used with index parameter. The ones not configured for with their index are not used. So let xmrstak autoconfigure and then delete the part for GPU you don't want to use. Jiri
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    EU Baytech RPC-3A Remote Power Control @ Ebay 35 Euro

    Well, 40€, as noone will refund me the postage (15€) - the total is what counts ;)
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    EU Baytech RPC-3A Remote Power Control @ Ebay 35 Euro

    My offer for 1@25Euro was accepted, I placed it yesterday afternoon when the BIN price was already 59.95E...