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    Supermicro inner rail retention screw specs?

    M4x6 worked for me, per below thread:
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    SOLD [US] Xeon Gold 6148 SR3B6

    qty updated, price adjusted
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    Supermicro X10SRM-tf $125 offer accepted Not too bad if you're still on older platform. Onboard dual 10gb nic. mATX ff limits use of PCIE lanes though. E5 v4 cpu included, riser, 16gb sata dom & passive hs. one left
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    SOLD [US] Xeon Gold 6148 SR3B6

    price adjusted
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    SOLD [US] Xeon Gold 6148 SR3B6

    updated qty, price
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    FS: DDR4, v3/v4 CPUs, 4 Node Servers, Drives - 2022 Lab Cleanup

    Received DDR4 exactly as described. Fast shipping and good communication - great transaction.