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    looking for 8-Bay NVMe U.2 enclosure, with either PCIe 4.0 or Thunderbolt IV/USB4 Interface

    Sounds like you need a large pcie nvme or optane hhhl card... #1 I think you will find that QLC drives are not going to have the endurance you need... and TLC might not either. #2 Scaling will never be linear especially with nvme drives, more and more cpu overhead will be required and the more...
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    Water cooling question

    Zinc reacts with nickel, and poorly electroplated nickel has been claimed to have an issue with silver but silver nickel alloy is jewelrythey don't corrode each other. If it does either one product isn't actually silver or the nickel plating is shit. Also, get copper or a properly made nickel...
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    Water cooling question

    +1 distilled water, I use a silver kill coil and my loops don't grow anything.
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    Finally: Overclocking EPYC Rome ES 100-100000344 retail codes, hopefully some QS start popping at more reasonable prices.
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    storage gold rush?

    Chia needs 300gb of free space while it makes the 100gb hdd sections... and makes 1.8TBW during it......... It is absolutely going to shred consumer drives. The devs even called the ssd caches sacrificial drives.
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    Help buying rtx 3080

    Join discord channels that publish the drops and spend 4-6hrs every other thursday till you get a card like everyone else. GL.
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    Tested: DL580G8 (Gen8) and G9 (Gen9) *Lack of* Compatibility

    I worked there during that era, there were roms that supported ddr3 on v3 for developmental purposes, it is not as far as I am aware a hardware limit though it is probably not an ideal performance thing, or for the sake of uniformity of ddr4 on gen9 a supported configuration. I worked with Quad...
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    Zen3 or Rocketlake?

    I linked a pbo overclock that matched your clock. ... So yes the frequency matches a pbo overclock. But perhaps your mobo is just overvolting for higher clocks per hwinfo thread.
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    Zen3 or Rocketlake?

    Those are high all core clocks for no pbo, but it is R15 not R20 w/avx... most reviews have it lower for all core load. I am guessing your board is giving a bit extra hence the higher power usage. You are running 100-125mhz more all core. Hitting... PBO clocks. I think you have pbo enabled...
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    Zen3 or Rocketlake?

    I would guess, as Intel's last few gens of chips have been very thermal and power constrained for clocks... that something is going on in that aspect, Turbo can change state at a rate that makes it hard to track actual clocks and high flux of clocks can cause high thread migrations. As I said...
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    Zen3 or Rocketlake?

    Yeah I noticed the only one with benchmarks of rocket lake ahead, gimped the 10900k with 2933 and dual rank vs quad rank.
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    Zen3 or Rocketlake?

    I trust that Ian's findings are true to the current state of things. However, there could be other issues with the release roms and scheduler that could be causing performance hits. I would give intel a few weeks to sort things out before calling it DOA, that said... I am going to go tune my...
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    Have you jumped onto the 30x0 rtx bandwagon too?

    That's probably not going to happen, big navi will be Radeon 6000, OG navi was 5700x/xt I will probably get some ampere at work for work, but... having trouble with those TDPs on Ampere. Curious where Big Navi is going to fall on power usage for it's "competitive" with 3080 performance.
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    Gigabyte R180-F34 1U Server (2011-3) $94-109 + Shipping

    for rom flashing from linux tar -xzf afulnx-5.05.04Z2.tar.gz ./afulnx_64 /MAKEDRV ./afulnx_64 backup.bin /O then save it off box in case you need to recover... I flashed to R15 and flashed uefi and ME based on...