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    Slickdeals $3 ebay Coupon

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    [SOLD] Dell 1.6TB SATA SSD (Samsung SM865) 2.5" -- $100/ea

    I believe these are just overprovisioned versions of the 1.92TB SM863, but that's just a guess. I remember Dell doing something similar with 1.92TB Toshiba drives that actually had Toshiba's P/N for the 1.92TB version on the 1.6TB Dell version.
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    eBay - extra 15% off $50+ today

    Here's a Cloudspeed Eco Gen. 2 for $319. The 15% coupon plus getting giftcards through a grocery store using my Amex (6% CB) put the price at $255, so $132+/TB. SanDisk SDLF1CRR-019T-1HA1 CloudSpeed Eco Gen.II 1.92TB 2.5" SATA SSD Drive 619659137953 | eBay
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    1.92TB Toshiba SATA SSD 1DWPD Under 400

    If you keep an eye out, sometimes you can find the HK4E, which I believe is an over-provisioned 1.6TB version of this drive, for $300-$350. I picked up one for my wife because her 480GB SanDisk Ultra II had trouble handling all the custom content in her sims games.
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    Tomorrow, March 20th, eBay is doing 15% off everything from 9am - 7pm Pacific Time.

    My guess is they're trying to push end of quarter volume. IME, most of the really good deals from companies tend to be near the end of a financial quarter, especially near the end of the first quarter because sales tend to drop after the holidays.
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    Intel Optane A Practical Application Review

    Awesome review @Patrick ! Do you have any plans to test/benchmark it when used as software defined memory?