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    FS: Supermicro X11DPH-T + 216BE1C-R920LPB Barebone

    Drool. And bump for goodguy @BlueFox -- a trustworthy guy I've "forum known" since.. 2007? He always has good stuff.
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    supermicro cse-847 with superQuiet power supplies 36bay 4u chassis $399

    Killer price - especially with the trays included - but can't go back to SAS2
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    EXPIRED Western Digital DC SA620 1.6tb $145 or buyer's offer

    I got a bad vibe after some messages back and forth, that made me doubt the authenticity of the what he was listing. Didn't know anything about the drives and claimed someone "gave them to him". More importantly his account didn't have recent sales history, and it lines up with a particular...
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    Scam Alert ... E5-2667 v4 (Pair)

    No offense but Paypal, eBay, the forum operator cannot police every scam and you have a personal responsibility to use common sense. A forum is not an ecommerce platform. Someone with random numbers in their forum name should've been a red flag, not to mention the gmail address with random...
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    EXPIRED Western Digital DC SA620 1.6tb $145 or buyer's offer

    Hope you get it. Something fishy about the seller after exchanging a couple messages with him yesterday.
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    Best Buy WD 10TB w Flash Drive $169.99, now $159.99

    Dropped to $145 on B&H for a few hours a couple nights ago, but Slickdeals effect killed it fast. Then jumped up to $159.99 with backorder.
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    FS: Intel i5-8600k, ASUS Z370i ITX, 16GB DDR4, Intel Xeon + SuperMicro MB

    Generally speaking (eBay etc), never. For you as a longtime forum member with great contributions here, hell yes.
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    FS: Intel i5-8600k, ASUS Z370i ITX, 16GB DDR4, Intel Xeon + SuperMicro MB

    MB/CPU/RAM Intel i5-8600k (6 Core, de-lidded which dropped temps 9C): $225 shipped ASUS STRIX Z370i Mini-ITX Motherboard, pristine - no bent pins, includes retail box, I/O plate and all original accessories: $125 + $10 ship G.SKILL Trident Z 16GB (2 X 8GB) DDR4-3200 Memory (F4-3200C16D-16GTZB)...
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    BestBuy - WD - Easystore 10TB with 32GB Flash Drive - $180

    While on this subject, they won't power up on Norco RPC-4224. Once I started buying these newer drives like the WD80EZAZ, I deliberated on Kayton taping pin3 on every drive I bought, but I move drives around frequently and didn't have any tolerance for tape falling off and not noticing...
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    FS: Enterprise HGST and Toshiba HDDs/SSDs

    Tekram? Holy hell, what fond memories. He's not kidding about the 20+ years in the industry -- I had a Tekram caching IDE controller in 1995 and thought it was best thing ever. I was happy when Tekram became U.S. distro and support for Areca since those controllers were special. Always liked...
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    WTB: DDR3 and DDR4 DIMMS

    Looking for 2GB, 4GB and 8GB DDR3 and DDR4 DIMMS. Need to work on desktop motherboards so don't need ECC. Heatware
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    Seagate 4TB Portable 2.5" shuckable $95 (Nov 17-27) Costco

    AFAIK, SMR begins with 5TB on Seagate. 4TB and below is PMR.
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    Dell PowerEdge R230 1U Server $549

    PowerEdge R230 Rack Server | Dell United States $549 + free shipping w/ code 549R230 Processor: Intel® Xeon® E3-1220 v5 3.0GHz, 8M cache, 4C/4T, turbo (80W) Memory: 8GB UDIMM, 2133MT/s, ECC RAID: H330/H730 for SAS/SATA, Cabled Chassis Hard Drive: 500GB 7.2k RPM SATA 6Gbps Entry 3.5in Cabled...