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    Threadripper in 2U

    Hi. Have you completed your project? How is the cooling? I have 2950x and would like to build 2U nvme flash only server for VM's use. Looking forward which chassis, cpu cooler, psu, ram to buy? BTW. I already have Wraith Ripper CPU fan and 1000W ATX PSU which maybe I could use in 4U. Any 4U...
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    And so it begins... First AMD Ryzen AM4 server motherboard.

    I have TR 2950x chip and want to replace old Xeon server (running VM) with new 2U build. Please advice with chassis and fan. 2U Chassis with redundant PSU? CPU FAN with good cooling? Noise is not important. 128Gb RAM: 4x M391A4G43MB1 or 8xM391A2K43BB1 or 8xCT16G4WFD8266 CPU: TR 2950x MB...
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    Raid controller for Samsung 850 Pro?

    Hi, I'm building array of 4x Samsung 850Pro for SQL server and several VM (for web applications). Could you please advice on raid controler? Thanks