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    STH lanyards?

    CustomInk does good stuff! I'm in as well :)
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    Virtual Machine Memory Warning

    With larger amounts of ram Dynamic is best. You could assign a min. 4GB and a Max of 6GB to each VM.
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    Anyone got a 4k transcoding, FreeNAS machine? (ITX, IPMI, ECC)

    Im using a E5-2699 v4 VM with 8 cores as well as a GTX 1080 not Direct Allocated (RemoteFX) technically on a Server 2016 Host. Able to transcode multiple 4k/1080i/720p streams. I rip all media (DVD, Blu Ray, YouTube, etc.) and use a DC S3510 Raid6 array for the media. In my Plex server settings...
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    SBE-710E-R48 Blade w/ 8 Nodes B7DW3 $200+

    That thing takes DDR2! Blast from the past huh Same Item with full price! Supermicro Superblade Enclosure SBE-710E-R48 Blade w/ 8 Nodes B7DW3 - CPU/RAM/HD 672042048571 | eBay
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    Striped SSDs for pfSense?

    In one example, data (WAN) comes in, and passes through PfSense to internal VM(s) on LAN writing to disk. Performance is key so NVMe is utilized.
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    Striped SSDs for pfSense?

    Sure, SSD is improvement over HDD/SAS. The traffic is absolutely going to disk. (1) of the culprits are public speedtest server. WAN to LAN, no way around it. I can limit (who) gets to speedtest but... thats another thread :) NVMe on 10Gb+ yield good results. A single SFP+ or bonding SFP+...
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    Striped SSDs for pfSense?

    Specifically, Raid 6 DC S3510 Server 2016 Host, DC P3608 VM Storage. Nothing specifically set up for cache on PfSense (no squid, etc.) other than Intel built-in features of the DC drives (which need run RSTe software to work). NVMe is the way to go if I had to nail it to a single sentence.
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    Hardware pron thread

    Thought it was cool :)
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    Striped SSDs for pfSense?

    In my case, the P3608's are substantially faster than non-PCIe disk's (all of them) so I use them for PfSense. Using other drives (SATA/SAS) would slow things down considerably. The cache is the DC P3608's.
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    Striped SSDs for pfSense?

    Sory was for the OP, If I used my DC S3510 SSD'sthat traffic would eat the drives in short time. Versus the DC P3608's I use which have higher resiliency before failure. Personally I wouldn't use consumer drives for PfSense.
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    Striped SSDs for pfSense?

    My PfSense see's about 10TB per week of Incoming and Outgoing Traffic, be aware of your bandwidth usage and drive physical longevity.
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    pfSense RAM and CPU

    I use 8GB DDR4 and 8 Cores (E5-2699 V4) on a Virtual Machine for PfSense for 10Gb connections bonded to 20Gb. I see up to 75% CPU loads and 30-50% mem loads. Although I am using IDS (Snort, VPN, Multi-WAN)
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    Hyper v and .vhd backup question

    Windows Server 2016 has built in Backup components.
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    FS: Xeon E5-4648 v3 (12C/24T, 2.2Ghz, 30MB) Retail

    Have (x2) Intel E5-4648 12 Core - 24 Thread CPU's. Very lightly used, have warranty. These are Retail Chips. No Coolers/Heatsinks provided. Asking $500 each. More Info: Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-4648 v3 (30M Cache, 1.70 GHz) Product Specifications These Chips work in all boards I have...