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    Direct attach with MCX354A-FCBT

    Hmm, normally DAC is recognised as Direct Attach Copper and Auto-Negotiation on is set. I would also try IB and a different firmware.
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    Mellanox NICs

    A "Cross-flash" ✔ or ✖ mark for OEM cards would be helpful.
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    Query about 32G FDR adapter speed.

    Just high transfer speeds can be reached without RDMA, you can test with iperf or NTtcp. nd in the name of the utility probably hints that NetworkDirect has to be present and enabled on the adapter, which is again Windows Server/W10 Pro for Workstations. RDMA is needed to save CPU resources...
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    Query about 32G FDR adapter speed.

    nd_send_bw.exe is the one. One side’s a server, the other a client. There’s a huge gap between the standard SMB transfer speed and the max throughput available, and there’s a thread about that too.
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    Query about 32G FDR adapter speed.

    Paste “ibstat” output here. I recommend tests with IB_send_bw which is shipped with that OFED. On a Linux vanilla box without much tuning you can normally get ~26G on ConnectX-2. On Windows 10 slightly less, but I tested over a year ago last time. The biggest factors are PCIe lanes (is it x8 in...
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    Issue with Mellanox Connectx-3 MCX341-A NIC not being picked up by mobo

    Thanks for the feedback, now I know that Gigabyte leaves you SOL with PCIe configuration. Easiest way - find another PC to test it on. I would expect something early on from a working card - legacy Flexboot (iPXE) or beta UEFI could be on it, also I wouldn’t trust consumer BIOS to provide you...
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    Infiniband Question

    I’d stay away from QDR in 2020, FDR HCAs cost about 20$ more, and some of the FDR switches I’ve seen were even cheaper than QDR. Add to that better driver support, and 40G Ethernet mostly out of the box. My next lab will be with EDR/HDR products and interesting offloads.
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    Mellanox SX6790 FDR

    Back up current image with mstflint -ri abc.bin; you still haven't provided the config dump (mstflint dc). In the config dump max supported speeds should be visible.
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    Split QSFP+ without splitter cale

    Yes, I should’ve written “absolute majority” of the cards don’t support splits. For the notorious XL710-QDA2, not only second port won’t work, but you’ll be trying your luck with the offloads. I’m also interested in the performance of these cards - of course, single stream will be limited to...
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    Split QSFP+ without splitter cale

    Has been discussed here many times already - you can split a port on the switch, but not on the NIC. On the switch, a 40g interface is destroyed, and 4 new interfaces are created, 10G lanes are re-mapped to the new interfaces. You can do it switch-to-switch this way. On the NIC, there’s just 1...
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    Help with Connect X2 VPI, Server 2019, and Aruba S2500 switch

    Seems to be one of the oldest CX-2s, with the latest firmware. There might be some issues with S2500 actually. Do you have the DAC sitting tight in SFP+ to QSFP adapter?
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    Mellanox SX6790 FDR

    Looks like rebranded SX6025, because it’s unmanaged should be possible to cross-flash it to the latest SwitchX-2 firmware. Do: mstflint -d lid-<lid of the switch> q mstflint -d lid-<lid of the switch> dc
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    Infiniband QDR vs FDR

    QDR/FDR mix works great(not in the chassis though, especially true for SMC. Midplane is not a tested and certified cable), but I’d recommend to not add EDR to the mix. Seen some issues with QDR/EDR already. Current technology is HDR, EDR will be retired next, FDR is nearing EoL, be prepared to...
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    LSI 9270-8i IT mode

    Thanks to @w0mbl3, finished flashing 9286CV-8e to 9207-8e IT firmware. Took: Downloads for Broadcom (LSI/Avago) SAS II HBA 9207-8e firmware+bios+sas2flash from the other thread, created a new dir in that .iso with contents above, used the guide Flashing LSI 2208 with IT...
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    EU Mellanox SX6036 36ports QSFP €150

    Tested 5m fiber Mellanox 100G cable from EDR switch, unbelievable, but that 100G xceiver supported multirate of both 40/56/100G.