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    HP Proliant SSD Compatibility

    I have HP oem samsung drives in a dl360 gen9 with p440AR, we purposefully yanked 1 out of 8 drives in raid-5 and stuck an older samsung 850 pro and let it do benchmarks for a week before putting the oem samsung drive back in. Worked flawlessly for a week under 24/7 load as a spare
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    WD purple - can it be used for data storage? Yes or No

    TLER is not optimized for hardware raid., they are designed to write , in case of error, ignore and continue so to not drop frames. This is not ideal for most raid!
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    Anyone got semiaccurate access to Intel price cuts article?

    Intel officially craters Xeon pricing I'd like to hear more of these massive price cuts but the article is paywalled? Anyone care to share some of the figures Intel is cutting like 66%? off msrp?
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    RAID 10 question - mixing hard drives

    stripe over raid-10 (raid 100) or just concatenate the two raid -10's in the o/s
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    Using DVD SATA for new SSD - HP Proliant ML110 G7 might look at dvd optical drive cabling section!
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    What to do with Quanta T3048-LY2 switch

    can you clone the mac address?
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    Anyone... HP Z240 ?

    i'm running a gtx 1060 6gb mini from zotac that I got for $119 shipped from - solid
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    SSD RAID 6 - diskrepancy Benchmarks and real world tests - stripe-size right?

    use the bbwc with the ssd's fastpath doesn't help raid-6. i'd also try raid-5 since the chances of drives failing are slim to none. Strip size should be equal to ssd page size. 4K or 16K depending on the drive to minimize write amplification!
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    Additional HW RAID card ML30

    You'll need to deal with heat but i'm pretty sure the p420 smart array works fine with active cooling!
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    storage: so, everything was working fine until...

    make sure the drives wwid is unique!
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    HP Gen8 Server - will HP branded consumer SSDs work in the bays

    I tested out samsung 860 512gb in pir8 HP smart carriers with chip(!!) and it was fine in place of one hp 480gb ssd -tested for days. It did not throw errors with the pir8 smart carriers with chip like the dumb smart carrier sleds! p.s. their consumer ssd drives are no better than the standard...
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    Haswell/Broadwell Corporate Refreshes

    ow I was hoping for a cheaper 1 socket mobo - for desktop usage!
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    Solarflare dual 10Gb SFP+

    these work great on mac pro 4,1/5,1 with free osx drivers last time i checked. Free osx 10gbe drivers is uncommon!
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    Haswell/Broadwell Corporate Refreshes

    I got a couple of e5-2630 V4's any thoughts on cheap mobo's that can run them?