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    Updated: 10-08-21, EPYCS, DDR3/4, SAS3/NVME's SSDs PRICE CUT on EPYCS!!

    2x Samsung PM963 NVMe 7.68TB u.2 ($850 each) The 963s are actual ssds. The 983s are nvmes. What is the correct model for these?
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    32 Core EPYC 7551P $500 or less

    Made low offer, they countered with $500
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    For Sale - HP C7000 Bladecenter w/ BL465/685 G7 blades & Operton 6276 cpus

    What kind of networking modules are included, if any, in the blades and c7000s?
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    Is this even real?

    I am seeing this ad on STH, but clicking on it is just an email optin form. Is this trade-in for a $1000+ server even real?
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    [FS] Clearing out Columbia (SC) Datacenter

    Unless including GPUs w/$3500 chassis your price is quite high.
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    Changing Mellanox ConnectX VPI Ports to Ethernet or InfiniBand in Linux

    What about requirements for a InfiniBand subnet manager?
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    Changing Mellanox ConnectX VPI Ports to Ethernet or InfiniBand in Linux

    I have connectx3 cards that I tried to do this with. However, noone ever explains the hardware/software required to connect to a normal rj45/sfp+ network using an infiniband card. And what about the program that's supposed to manage an infiniband network? I also was using an HP 712495-B21...
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    FS: Intel Xeon Server Cluster - 37 Servers Total - $7000 for all

    What kind of dimms are installed? (8x8gb or 4x16gb or?) Would you ship to MN?
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    FS: Dell C6220 4 Node 3x E5-2650 2.0GHz 8Core 96GB Rails

    So what specific dimms are installed? I am assuming 120volt psus. It still has normal 2x1gbe ports right? The sleds just go in the chassis and it powers on and works after installing a drive per sled?
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    New Colocation Space - Interest?

    Decided to create new thread. I see there has been interest in Colo space. Im interested in possibly setting up a colocation space to sell server space where I currently run a couple racks of servers for my biz ( almost for 2 years now) and a few asic miners. It's not really setup for...
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    Q4 2018 STH Lab Cleaning Thread

    so it's 256gb for 1u or 512gb ram?
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    Prime Day Deals Thread

    post the best prime day deals.