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    Cheap 2U Supermicro system with X9DRH motherboard

    Nice. That board's onboard SAS controller is only 3 Gbps and a single port, whereas the the MB in the unit I cited has 2 SAS2 (6 Gbps) ports. The dual 920W platinum PSU's really makes that a bargain though. Nice find! I'll let you know what the version number of the board I get is...
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    Cheap 2U Supermicro system with X9DRH motherboard

    See here: Supermicro 825TQ-600LPB Barebone 2U Server W/ X9DRH-7H 8x Trays | eBay It's $249 plus modest shipping, and includes a very nice SSupermicro E5 V1 and V2 DP motherboard with 2 SAS2 (6 Gbps) ports built in, and 16 RAM slots. It also includes a TQ backplane and a 600W Platinum PSU...
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    Supermicro E100-9APP as a silent firewall

    Do you have IPS turned on with Sophos XG on your setup and still can run at max speed? Not sure that SM CPU is powerful enough if you turn on all the XG features. thx Mike
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    New Product: Mikrotik Routerboard CSS326-24G-2S+RM

    Baltic now has this switch (CSS326-24G-2S+RM) on sale for $120. Amazing how prices are falling! thx mike
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    SC847 case only has 20 pin ATX supply cable

    Thanks. Why would it pail to POST though? None of the SATA ports are in use. Its a freenas system so boots from a USB stick and all the data drives are on SAS ports on cards that are not plugged in. Thx Mike
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    SC847 case only has 20 pin ATX supply cable

    Yes, I saw that, but given no X9 (or X8 or X7) board has an IDE port, I am pretty certain that can't be the meaning. :) Is there a sequence for the various POST tests that these boards run through? I saw it flash 15 and 93 before stopping at A3. Thx mike
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    SC847 case only has 20 pin ATX supply cable

    Well, that didn't fix it. Anyone know what code A3 means on an x9 motherboard? Thx! Mike
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    SC847 case only has 20 pin ATX supply cable

    Thanks for the quick turnaround folks! I can buy an adapter locally, so will try that today and see if it fixes the issue. It will also add some length to that cable which is very very tight now as well. Mike
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    SC847 case only has 20 pin ATX supply cable

    Hi everyone. I am trying to move my Supermicro X9DR7-TF+ motherboard from my SC846 case to a new SC847A case to make room for more drives. The MB works just fine in the SC846 case, but when installed in the SC847 case, the it hangs on boot with "system initializing" and post code A3. It's a...
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    PfSense in a VM and 10g NIC ?

    I have this running and working very nicely on one of my dual proc E5-2670 boxes. I have one NIC dedictaed to the cable modem, and the other going to a switch with a number of VLAN's active on it, all using vmware ESXi 6.0U1. There is a pretty good guide out there by Calvin Bui (he writes a...
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    SAMSUNG SSD 1.92TB PM863 MZ7LM1T9HCJM - 00003

    Seller took $350 on the first offer. Not sure if he'd go lower. thanks, mike
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    Gigabit + 10Gb Switches under $550

    Wow, and Fanless too!! Very nice. Did you also see the T1700X-16TS? 12 10GBase-T ports and 4 SFP+ ports? I don't see it on sale yet anywhere, but I would bet it will be even cheaper than the new Netgear switches. Thanks, mike
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    EU HGST 4U SAS3 12GB/s Storage Enclosure 60 bays £299

    Wow, really nice. Looks like the sleds have mounts for 2.5" disks as well.
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    Cheap dual 2011 Brebones

    I'd love to know the efficiency ratings for those PSU's. The nice thing about supermicro systems is you can tell if its a gold, or platinum, etc... supply from the model number. Thanks! Mike
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    X9DR7-TF+ issues

    Well, I put in another CPU, and as predicted, the system came right up. The SAS fault was due to disks that the board had been using before that weren't there. Once that config was reset, the SAS fault LED went out. So I upgraded to a the latest BIOS, that went fine. Then I pulled the plugs...