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    Cockpit ZFS Manager

    It's been great! I'm sad that we don't get the interaction with the dev here like we used to, but the software is good
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    Welcome to the Intel Ice Lake D Era with the Xeon D-2700 and D-1700 series

    If the new ones have quicksync then I'll buy one immediately
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    SOLD - FS X11SDV-4C-TP8F and X11SDV-12C-TP8F

    Just got the board from @PigLover . The best, fastest transaction I've ever made. Very Grateful!
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    Brocade ICX Series (cheap & powerful 10gbE/40gbE switching)

    I just jumped from 8080 to 8092 without issues
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    Ruckus Wireless as an Unifi alternative?

    Will my Unifi UAP-AC-PRO poe injector work with the R710? Or will I need to order another POE injector? Thanks!
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    FS/FT - SFBayZFS's 2020-2021 home storage lab liquidation

    If the X10SDV-4C-7TP4F falls through, I am interested. Thanks!
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    Cockpit ZFS Manager

    That is exactly what I thought it was. Thanks for the explanation!
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    Cockpit ZFS Manager

    I appreciate the reply - I just thought that each disk would populate with the read/write/checksum information, instead of showing 0's. It is not a deal breaker in any way shape or form, I just wanted to make sure that I didn't misconfigure anything.
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    Cockpit ZFS Manager

    Thanks for all your help with the samba issue - I was able to get it resolved and working well. My array is working perfectly currently, I was just curious as to why I'm not getting any of the status information populated. Please see this picture. Thanks in advance, and stay safe
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    Cockpit ZFS Manager

    Based off of what you said, i did a little bit of digging and was able to find the command "net usershare" which allowed me to "net usershare list" and "net usershare delete Datastore_AV" which resolved the issue. Could you point me in the right direction of which part of the smb.conf file I...
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    Cockpit ZFS Manager

    I've used CZM to manage and create the shares and the pool. So based off of your information, I kept the main pool "Datastore" and deleted all other filesystems and then I created a filesystem on it called "AV" I then enabled samba share, named the share "Media" and deleted the comments. When...
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    Cockpit ZFS Manager

    Hello Thanks for the great piece of software. This may be a simple question, but I'm having trouble with it. I have a pool named datastore I have two filesystems on top of it named media and appsisos I have shared both via smb successfully My question is even though I've set the share name to...
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    WTB 3 or 4 8tb 3.5inch drives

    Sata or Sas works either way. I've been specifically looking at HGST HUH728080AL4200 sas drives from Unixsurplus for 99 a piece. Thanks
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    WTB 3 or 4 8tb 3.5inch drives

    Thanks, I sent them a message!