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    Proxmox homelab advice requested - low power usage, mid performance - Which TinyMiniMicro?

    All the new modern cpu , i5-8xxx , i5-9xxx idle about the same 7-10w , idle power is similar to T series cpu Dell 5070 SFF is a versatile machine, x16 slot is nice to have
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    Topton 'NAS' motherboard.

    6W idle is for Z490M-itx Asrock Z490M-ITX , I5-10400T , 2 x8gb , 2 nvme SSD Seasonic 500w gold PSU I am not sure which way to go . BKHD with N5100 idle power is higher than Z490M-itx and I5-10400T. powertop --auto-tune crashed N5100 board. Price wise Z490M-itx paid $105 , I5-10400T CPU paid...
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    DIY NAS feedback and tips

    I agree with piranha32 TMM machine are so cheap in US EBAY today. $80 for a Lenovo m80 with I5-10500T and 8gb ram. HP 600 G6 with I5-10500T for less than $100. I run vms and docker using a small TMM machine connected to NAS via 2.5GBe network
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    Topton 'NAS' motherboard.

    This is my finding. BKHD N5100 NAS board , LL PC-Q08 , 2x8gb ram , 2 FANS Unraid 6.12.4 idle at 21w Add 1x256gb nvme ssd , 2 x 14TB spin up @33w 2 HD spun down @25w Emby hardware transcoding , 1 HD , 38w I am testing another motherboard combo now. Asrock Z490N-ITX , I5-10400T , 2 x8gb , 2...
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    DIY NAS feedback and tips

    There is no BEST NAS , it is a very personal choice. It really depend on your workflow, from acquiring contents to populate media library. UNRAID offer 60 days trail. Ubuntu is free so is trunenas. I started using Unix since early 1980, CLI is in my DNA. 2023, I turn 68 years old, my mind ...
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    Topton 'NAS' motherboard.

    I am using the BKHD N5100 version of NAS board. I booted and setup UNRAID without extra kernel params , only have 1 Emby docker . I used the NAS and Emby to watch about 8 hours of shows without issue. I am surprised there is a different between BKHD and CWWK version. I paid $97 for the BKHD...
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    Thoughts on a low power NAS and VM server

    My plan is to keep Proxmox host and NAS function separate. Current Promox host HP 600 G6 SFF , I5-10500 , 4 x 16gb ram , 2TB team group nvme 2TB team group SATA ssd Proxmox 7.4 idle at 4-5w Add Dual port Intel network card Proxmox 7.4 idle at 6-7w My other VM host Shuttle DH470 mini pc ...
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    Topton 'NAS' motherboard.

    Yes, absolutely you need the 4pin EPS 12v power connector I received the same board last week, it is working fine with 24 pin atx power connector and 4 pin EPS 12v connector.
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    The new HP Elite Mini G9 Saga

    If your monitor is using hdmi input, Then , You need an active DP to hdmi adapter. Few years back, that was my desktop setup.
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    10SDV-TP8F priced to move

    Get well soon! Beat the big C .
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    Topton 'NAS' motherboard.

    @cpu @sagarbehere How much is the BKHD-N510X-NAS-I22X board power draw at idle?
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    Any good NAS cases with Hotswap?

    Seller accepted my BO $118 for the above Datto unit Indeed, it is Xeon-D with 32gb ram. Unit is very clean. came with all 4 drive trays. I changed the 120mm fan to a better fan before deploying into service. thank you
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    Another big life change

    Coming back to CA ???
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    Power-efficient Proxmox server advice

    Since we are on the subject of power consumption HP 600 G6 not a mini , SFF with pcie x16 slot and pcie x4 slot I5-10500 not T version using a ultra cheap kill-a-watt meter for measurement June 2023 HP 600 G6 SFF , I5-10500 , 4 x 16gb ram , 2TB team group nvme + 2TB team group SATA ssd...
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    SanDisk CloudSpeed Eco 1.92TB 2.5" SATA $120

    I am thinking about buying 4 or 8 SSD for a media stoarge NAS. How much was the offer price?