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    Two Network Cards in one SFF - HELP -?

    I plug in a dual port Intel 1gbe network card in x16 slot , Windows 10 found the dual port network card.
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    Two Network Cards in one SFF - HELP -?

    Ok, I pull one of the Dell 5060 SFF machine out of the cluster Install 10G network card in x 16 slot, boot Windows 10 , run hwinfo to capture the config. hwinfo show PCI Express x16 Bus #1 detected Intel 82599 10 Gigabit network card
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    Two Network Cards in one SFF - HELP -?

    Yes, lspci -v show intel P3605 nvme ssd in x16 slot Realtek 2.5GbE in x4 slot
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    Two Network Cards in one SFF - HELP -?

    I have 4 x Dell 5060 Optiplex SFF with I5-8500 . Each Dell have Intel P3605 1.6TB nvme SSD in the x16 slot , x4 slot have either 10g or 2.5g network card. I would assumed network card would work in x16 slot add 01:00.0 Non-Volatile memory controller: Intel Corporation PCIe Data Center SSD...
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    At my wits end with a Fusion-io 3.2TB on Windows 10...

    Post your issue in this long running thread Our STH resident guru @acquacow will be along to answer your question. Our resident guru monitors the long running thread.
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    6TB Seagate Exos SAS - $46

    My anecdotal evidence, Oct-Dec 2021, purchased over 60 x 6TB SAS drives, form various ebay seller. similar to this deals price range. Got 25 x Seagates 6TB SAS drives, rest are HGST 6TB SAS. All HGST 6TB SAS passed 4 days of badblock tests. out of 25 x Seagate drives had 7 failed drives...
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    Is it possible? - TMM iGPU multi-display in Proxmox

    See Craft computing has few video how to guid to divide up GPU to multiple VM But not with TMM
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    Intel Standard Management (ISM) instead of Active Management (AMT)

    Configure ME like you did in your post, For testing , disable user consent , set user consent to none Do not forget to Activate network access download and install meshcommander , to test to see if Remote Desk top is working MeshCommander 0.9.5 -...
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    Intel Standard Management (ISM) instead of Active Management (AMT)

    Run HWinfo to check , Intel ME , vPRO , expand SMBIOS DMI tree to see more detail see my screenshot of my Dell 7070 mini, my other HP Elitedesk 800 g4 is the same
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    Which Tiny/Mini/Micro to Get for a 4K Plex Server?

    Interesting thread. I put the post #5 Lenovo M720q listing in my ebay watch list. I have too many TMM machines already, didn't need another one. Then few days later, the same ebay seller offer me $150 to buy it. So I brought the same M720q for $150. It even came with PCIe riser, saved me few...
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    2U Short Depth with 80mm Fan Wall

    I brought these iStar chassis about 10years ago. Model iStarUSA_D-216PWM-SAM01 At the time, I did not know it was custom make to fit SuperMicro boards. It uses SM flex 1u pws203 PS, front panel connectors plug into SM board without converter. It has room for 80mm fans mounted on the left side...
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    Used HGST He10 drives -- good value?

    Check the great deal part of the forum. About 2-3 weeks ago, 10TB HGST SAS drives for $99. I picked up 12 x 10TB drives, used a $15 Adaptec sas card. Drives are humming along.
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    Used HGST He10 drives -- good value?

    Are the drives new or used? If used drive, is it still under warranty? $14-$15 per TB for new WD external drives are normal price.
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    Help Me pick my Path

    Promox is very popular , specially in STH land. Patrick use Proxmox to STH site as well as other stuff. I moved away from ESXi to Proxmox many years ago. Unraid is also good , I have a Unraid box with I5-9500 cpu for trancoding video Truth, all my clients are direct play, no quicksync is...