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    Great Deals hot tip

    There's two sellers in my area that don't offer Local Pickup, but are happy to take low(er) best offers on their "Free Shipping" items because shipping across town costs less than shipping across the country.
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    FS: Lots of Supermicro servers/motherboards, DDR4 RDIMMs, drives, etc

    WIO is a definite win in that category! For anyone looking, those are great systems. I have something similar with an X11SSW-F and love it. GLWS @BlueFox
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    Lenovo Thinkcentre/ThinkStation Tiny (Project TinyMiniMicro) Reference Thread

    Welcome! Where were you thinking of putting the second M.2 SSD? It appears that the WiFi M.2 slot connector uses the "E" key. Generally, its hard to find SSDs that will work with E Keyed M.2. E Key has the gap in a different place than the M key that's usually used for NVMe SSDs. I could...
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    Lenovo Thinkcentre/ThinkStation Tiny (Project TinyMiniMicro) Reference Thread

    This one does. This one in the link is "G4", which is Coffee Lake. I have a "G3" (Skylake/Kaby Lake) and it does NOT have two M.2 for storage. IDK about the newer generations. Cheers!
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    NVMe boot with SuperMicro X9DA7 & X9DRi-F

    The Win-Raid forum is, sadly, gone :(. The good news is, Level1techs is hosting the old Win-Raid content for people to reference! I think this is the content you need? [HowTo] Get full NVMe Support for all Systems with an AMI UEFI BIOS
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    Gigabyte mz32-ar0 - Terrible performance if a PSU fails

    I suppose I should more properly have said that even though they are different models, both Gigabyte motherboards use the same Gigabyte firmware for the BMC. I routinely run a single PSU in my 2U chassis, so will be interesting to see what the behavior is.
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    Gigabyte mz32-ar0 - Terrible performance if a PSU fails

    Good to know! I'm getting ready to put a Gigabyte motherboard in a CSE-826. Different model (MF51-ES0), but also with Aspeed AST2500 for the BMC. I will have to keep watch for this behavior.
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    Dirt cheap SFX/TFX PSU question

    @Wasmachineman_NL , depending on how much current you need this is a good choice. Good quality and still costs less than a "dirt cheap" SFX/TFX PSU. For added security, you can also get a Seasonic or FSP that was manufactured for use in Supermicro (some others too) and has a locking nut on the...
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    Issues with HBAs not recognizing drives

    You mention a power outage. Any chance there was an accomanying power spike and a power supply is damaged? I assume the JBOD has the same power supply? Did you re-use the power supply from your "old server" in your "new server"? If you haven't already, you may want to get a power supply...
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    SanDisk CloudSpeed Eco 1.92TB 2.5" SATA $120

    This seller seems to post things in batches. When they get additional stock for an item, they tend to create a new listing rather than increasing the quantity on an existing listing. So if you follow a link and a a batch is sold out, you can always check “Seller’s Other Items” to see if a new...
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    SanDisk CloudSpeed Eco 1.92TB 2.5" SATA $120

    I've had several Ebay listings for these drives in the $45-50 range in my watch list for a while now. So far, I've not bought because I don't need them yet and it seems a genuine tossup if you'll get one that's literally brand new or one that's totally thrashed. I did notice that some of the...
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    Super cheap LSI SAS3 controller

    Went back to $21.99 again. They lower the price, people buy a few, it goes up again.
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    Supermicro 826, X10SRW, 256GB DDR4 - $160 + Shipping

    Yeah, there's not a lot of boards that will work with a WIO chassis, other than a Supermicro WIO Board. They sell replacement rear windows for 7 'regular" low profile slots...but that kind of ruins the value. (Edit: @nthu9280 beat me to it on this) IME, this seller often uses photos made...
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    Super cheap LSI SAS3 controller

    Well, I was able to resist when STH Effect kept driving up the price, but now (at this very moment at least), it's down to $21.99 and I my mouse got a mind of its own. Looks like the "A" backplane is coming out of one of the 826s and the SAS3 expander backplane on the shelf is going
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    "RANDOM" Samsung/SK Hynix 960GB M.2 NVME 22110 Enterprise/Server SSD $27.99 w/Free Shipping

    Between this seller and another I bought from a few months back, I got a total of 8 of these for $25-28 each. The worst wear was about 7.5TB. That's about "6 days of wear" when the drive is rated at 1.3 DWPD. So as close to "new" as you're likely to get. At 960GB, you wind up with a lot of...