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    Brocade ICX Series (cheap & powerful 10gbE/40gbE switching)

    So I picked up a 7150-24 and a couple of ConnectX-3 cards and DACs. This is my first attempt at setting up 10g at home. Reset the switch, licensed for 4x10gr, all seems good. RJ45 ports work and all that. But I can't get the SFP+ ports to link. Tried with a pair of Mellanox CX311A cards as...
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    1U Heatsink for AM4 and X470D4U?

    I don't suppose anyone has figured out a better solution to the AM4 1U cooling problem? I found this: US $31.8 |New high quality 1U AM4 cpu cooler server heatsink with high volume 8015 fan for AMD Ryzen TDP up to125W,With backplane|Fans & Cooling| - AliExpress which looks almost just like the...
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    X10QBI and v3/v4 cpus (e.g. supermicro sys-4048b-trft)

    For those looking to watercool, Asetek makes a narrow ILM bracket for their coolers. So you can (theoretically, if the pump/waterblock fits in that socket spacing) fit most Corsair/NZXT/EVGA/etc AIOs. There's no need to hack together cooling solutions.