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    Put your words about cheap SATA racks

    Just want to add that they vary in build and construction quality, some of the really cheap ones (unbranded) can have loose sata connection. Coupled with bad (imprecise) railing and locking mechanism (and vibration), it may disconnect your drive at an unfortunate time. Also, some of them may...
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    What is cross connect?

    I didn't think you were joking, but I think you're incorrect about understanding 100% of what's in that video; judging by the questions you've asked before and after the video. Don't take anything for granted. There is no Skynet that produces robots to build things that serves us. Every inch...
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    What is cross connect?

    @uberguru: "The more you learn, the more you realize what you don't know." Be humble dude, if we already know 100% of everything then no one will be chatting here; and imagine if we're all snippy when someone mentions things that 'we already know'. Learning (and being humble doing it) is a...
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    Looking for PoE switch - 4IP cameras now up to 8 later

    On bandwidth: consider that the higher quality (bitrate) image that you want to capture means you will need to provide higher amount of storage space too (and how far back you can/want to keep the recordings of). And it may affect your playback performance too (depending on your system) as you...
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    Looking for PoE switch - 4IP cameras now up to 8 later

    On the budget side, there are also passive injectors which you insert between your (non PoE) switch and the PoE devices. The single ones go for $12-15 if I'm not mistaken and they go up to 12ports (Rackmount form) for just around $50. I've used the single injectors but just on my test bench...
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    Weekend thought

    Oh, I have limited experience with switches and I haven't spent much time reading about them online. I use Cisco (linksys) SG-300-28P switch as my current backbone and it's pretty solid so far (just around 1 year). Only running about 20 active devices and it reports each port's PoE power usage...
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    Weekend thought

    Perfect timing :) At this point you'll need to consider the wiring for all the components that you're going to install. Yes, most are available in wireless version, but they're generally more expensive, needs regular battery replacement and are prone to less than 100% reliability due to...
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    Weekend thought

    I'm interested in home automation topic too. I've wired up HomeSeer (home automation server) to my lighting, aircons, ceiling fans, wireless door locks, ip cameras, bunch of motion sensor and door/window sensors for triggers, a dozen temp/humidity sensors, connected home theater and still just...
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    Xenserver now fully open

    Anyone with experience of migrating to Xen from vmware (or other vm platforms)? :)
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    What is mobile these days?

    To a certain extent, I agree with his concept. Not the explicit numbers. It's not the resolution that is important, but the target device's form factor and physical screen size. It affects how the ad/content is designed. Being able to use an MBP on your commutes is awesome, but that's hardly...
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    Why buy switches when one can get switch/firewall combo?

    Let me google that for you
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    The Proxmox VE Thread

    The question that you should be asking is "how much are you paying yourself" out of this whole deal. Is it a business (money making operation) or just a hobby? When you're starting out maybe from your parent's basement, not having a family to support, mortgages to pay, etc.. then some ppl are...
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    How to get IP block directly

    It's best to understand and be familiar with the technology that you're going to use before you deploy them to production. Simulate what you want at home and be familiar with not just setting them up, but keeping them up and troubleshooting them before you start paying hosting fees.
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    What automation software are you using?

    This is a very broad and varied subject.. As a long time sysadmin and an 'uberguru' yourself, why don't you post a bit of what you do and how you do them... then ppl can chime in with what they use in relation to your needs.
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    Environmental Monitoring : Server Room

    Check these guys out: WigWag: Scan it. Control it. Rule it. Share it. by WigWag  Kickstarter