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    AMD Ryzen06 - How the first colocated Ryzen server has fared

    Bioses and drivers keep getting better, it's only a matter of time before things completely stabilise
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    10G SPF+ to 1Gb rj45

    What about a mikrotik CRS210?
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    Any Cord Cutters / HDHomeRun users here?

    I feed tvheadend from my hdhomerun, then use a kodi plugin to talk to it.
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    Any Cord Cutters / HDHomeRun users here?

    I've moved to TvHeadend from Myth. Much easier setup, and lower amounts of messing around.
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    Advice on the perfect Freenas ZFS build @home - Mini-itx

    I stand corrected (one of the only "k" CPUs with vt-d on that socket)
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    Advice on the perfect Freenas ZFS build @home - Mini-itx

    You can't passthrough using a 4790k - it doesn't have VT-D support. Aside from that, looks good. You need to pass the 9210 through to the VM
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    Is there a popular STH member video game or one coming out?

    Been playing redout lately, insanely fast fun. Haven't touched multiplayer yet though
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    ConnextX-2 10G Ethernet Cards

    That's pretty cheap
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    SW or HW RAID6?

    re ZFS: Raid 10 for Vpools is perfectly acceptable - as in adding disks in mirrored pairs in zfs. There's no reason that this can't be used at home (aside from cost). They can even be different sizes.
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    Chelsio T420-BT (dual port 10Gbase-T NIC)

    The T420 certainly does, though I highly recommend chelsio's driver rather than VMware's
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    So a bomb went off outside my building...

    Stay safe..
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    What drive configuration & FS for a home server using Proxmox and BTRFS (hopefully)

    Urm.. get ecc if you can afford it. (not listed above in your posts) Mirrored pools make a lot of sense if you have the intention of adding drives. Re Backups, usually things fall into one of 4 categories: 1. Not super critical if you lose 2. Mildly annoying but recoverable/rebuildable if you...
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    Silly question re Zeusram drives

    There are levels of paranoia I suppose
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    Silly question re Zeusram drives

    Wouldn't a UPS and something that writes the ram to a drive, like a shutdown script, solve that issue?
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    Silly question re Zeusram drives

    Ok I get that Zeusram drives are fast, what I don't understand is why someone would get one, versus 8 gb more ram if the latter is a possibility. Could someone please enlighten me?