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    Deals/FS/WTB new members should not be able to post new threads

    There's a simple answer... There's more to life than STH. :) Get a hobby (other than STH).
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    Hardware to run pfsense ?

    I didn't realize we were trying to prevent State level actors from getting into your network. If that's the case, ESXi or pfSense is the least of your worries. My apologies, I was gonna write "managed switch" without the L3 part, but somehow ended up writing that. Probably because L3 routing at...
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    Hardware to run pfsense ?

    1. If I had to let any OS connect directly to the internet, ESXI would be one of the few I'll allow. It is hardened, secure, very low attack footprint, and by default, does almost nothing until you tell it to. 2. This is the kind of situation where a managed L3 switch comes in handy. You...
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    Hardware to run pfsense ?

    Your original post says "pfSense hardware". Are you doing "SSL/TLS inspection - decrypt/packet inspection/re-encrypt" with pfSense? p.s. The CPU in my $60 hardware is an i5-3570s, a 3.1GHz 4C/4T CPU. Way more than enough. I've yet to see it above 30% usage with a number of things (including 1gb...
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    Hardware to run pfsense ?

    Maybe I'm missing something... I can do any pfSense package you can think of with symmetric gigabit routing, and a tiny system at that, with < $60 worth of hardware. Is it fanless? Nope. So what? It (among other things in my rack) sits in a corner of my basement, away from anything else. Why...
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    question about some raid cards

    What you should be looking for is...."What IS a raid card?" Sorry, no other way to say it.
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    file transfer speed Windows 10 Enterprise and Ubuntu 20.04

    Is Windows disabling the write cache on the 10TB drive, while Ubuntu is not?
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    file transfer speed Windows 10 Enterprise and Ubuntu 20.04

    But it shouldn't be this slow. And especially not for large files, which will be single threaded copying even in robocopy.
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    file transfer speed Windows 10 Enterprise and Ubuntu 20.04

    Is Windows Defender running by any chance?
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    Switch licensing hell

    Son...until you have dealt with the likes of Microsoft, Oracle or VMware don't know what "licensing hell" is. :) That said, did you miss the big brocade switch thread?
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    Why is my E5-2690v4 running below base frequency in Windows

    Your SpeedStep is still enabled in the Virtualization column.
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    Norco & Adaptec 72405 - Mixing SAS & SATA

    I have never had disk power management issues with Adaptec cards (7 series or newer) and I use a lot of them. There's some edge cases, where a disk firmware doesn't play well with the card, but it's rare. Keep in mind: - An Adaptec card will and can power down an entire array if you tell it to...
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    Adaptec RAID controller mode - change after array created?

    You'll be fine. It won't affect your array at all.
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    Brocade ICX Series (cheap & powerful 10gbE/40gbE switching)

    Nope. (Unless you're stacking...)
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    Brocade ICX Series (cheap & powerful 10gbE/40gbE switching)

    I'm unsubscribing from this thread... :p:p:p