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    Server components in Shenzhen/Huaqiangbei?

    I'm going to be over in Asia in a few weeks, and I've been contemplating visiting Shenzhen/Huaqiangbei to see what they have for CPU/RAM components. (I figure the folks selling ES/QS CPUs on eBay have to be getting them from somewhere, right?) Has anyone been there before, and if so how much...
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    Western Digital 8tb Easystore - $127.50 + tax ($149.99 - 15% promo PRONTO15) 8/8/18 only

    Pro-tip: the eBay checkout says "Purchases are limited to 2 per buyer", but you can add 2 to your cart, and then change the quantity on the final PayPal payment page, and it'll bypass the limit check. :)