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    Two motherboards with single PSU

    Thanks for the clarification. The server is anyway up 24/7 so this will not be a problem with the adaptor.
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    Two motherboards with single PSU

    Hi, I have a X11SPI-TF MB as "hyper-converged" server but I would like to separate the storage part in as separate system. I would like to power both systems with the same PSU in order to reduce fan noise and clutter in the case. I am looking at Supermicro Seon-D platform with 10GB ethernet...
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    Asrock X570D4U-2L2T Build

    Hi @lxian could you update on the SATA interoperability with the adapter? I assume it should have been OK?
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    ES Xeon Discussion

    Hi, could you please give example codes for 16/18 core QS Cascade Lake. What I can find in ebay is only QQ8Q and QQ8M.
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    ES Xeon Discussion

    @RolloZ170 could you please recommend a Cascade Lake Xeon stepping with 16-24 cores which will work with no issues for virtualization. Ideally it should have Specter/Meltdown microcode fixes and work with X11SPI-TF and BIOS v3. From what I've read so far I should focus on the QS samples only...
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    There is SATA controller -> in the X570 chipset ;). Also the Asrock M2-HD card which is advertised as 4x SATA splitter doesn't seems to have a controller. I did a bit more digging and this MB ASUS Pro WS X570-Ace has U2 connector. And according to Manuel Marini comment for this SFF-8643 to 4x...
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    This is exactly the converter I had in mind at first place. This is really great option when I decide to retire my Skylake SP. Lets hope the Ryzen 3 bumps the 128GB memory limit :D
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    Hi, did somebody noticed that 3950x and 3800/3800x are missing from the CPU support list. Has somebody tested it if it is a mistake or ti really will not work? EDIT: 3950x was on the bottom of the table but 3800 is still missing :) I have more than 8 drives and I am wondering of if it will be...
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    Hardware pron thread

    It only counts if the caddies are populated :P
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    Building a kubernetes and general system

    Hi, I would recommend to improve your storage. Some NVME storage or a RAID can help. When you think of the layers of abstraction in Kubernetes storage subsystem it really can get messy quickly.
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    4x titan V prototype 1

    This beauty deserves its own thread! It shouldn't be mixed with the rest of the smut :D
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    KVM advice

    Hi, have you checked this device: KVM Switch - 4-Port Dual Monitor Model Wendel seems to know what he is doing.
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    Coffee Lake Server(Xeon E-2176G)

    The E3 CPU and MB are available in Poland at least. About your server request - the MB you have linked is for socket 3647. High single thread performance is quite expensive for this platform - I wouldn't recommend. If you want the best possible single thread performance you should go with...
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    Proxmox All in One Options Revisted

    This is the option I use at home for my "hyper-convergent server" (the fancy name of AiO as you called it :)) One benefit for usability is that all the containers can have access to the same storage without going over the network. One downside is that you can not run NFS/iSCSI server from the...
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    affordable (little) proxmox home server

    If you need to run only two VMs have you thought to go with mainstream hardware? The Pentiums and i3 support ECC memory and VT-d. For those machines these are the most important features in my opinion. You can get a 35W CPU and decent mini/micro board and you have a nice home server :) I would...