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    [FS] [US-NC] 14tb & 10tb SATA drives, 10tb SAS drives, Ruckus R510 APs, 3.84tb NVME U.2 SSDs, 280gb U.2 Optane, 64gb SATADOM, Intel X710 2p, & more!

    @Almighty I received my package today! Exactly as described. works great! And very almighty fast delivery. You posted on Thursday and Ireceived on the following Monday! Thank you so very much!
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    Update the correct board name and NVDATA product ID?

    I could have sworn there was a version of s2f that had an option to monkey with the board name. I did this once upon a time after flashing a bunch of H310's to IT. I wanted to differentiate the boards in vmware for pass-through. so long ago and I have semi permanent brain fog now.
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    How to reformat HDD & SSD to 512B Sector Size

    @Mithril my recollection is (1) get rid of the protection (2) I formatted to 4k blocks then I saw the correct size... I use 4K blocks. its possible that taking it back down to 512 at that point will report the correct size then again... long wait time for the experiment to complete though. I...
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    15.3 TB SAS 12G SSD for 750 USD

    Community!!! :D
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    15.3 TB SAS 12G SSD for 750 USD

    If you buy check the firmware. My understanding (and research) says this drive was afflicted by the 32768 bug (yeah similar to the HPE bug). Netapp fixed the firmware (circa 2019-11) but if you have old firmware you'll need the bits and a mechanism to update. As a consumer of large cap...
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    Looking for an NVME to U.2 adapter + cable, recommendation?

    looks very very similar to the cable that Intel bundled with their optane 900 u.2 series. I've been using the intel cable for quite a while. tastes great - less filling. :p
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    Single M.2 socket in PCIe x4 card recommendation

    oh my! which BIOS version is this? I do not remember seeing bifurcation options in X9SRL-F 3.3 BIOS (latest published on SM's site).
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    Compatible server/chassis/disk shelf for Samsung P1633a, model MZILS7T60

    this is likely a multi-step process but you've not provided enough information to give you specific paths to explore. get an hba or raid controller to see the drives determine if the current drives' formats are compatible or you need to change that (512, 520, 528, encryption, type 2, type 3...
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    Brocade ICX Series (cheap & powerful 10gbE/40gbE switching)

    please post output from "show ip route" on the icx. please post your icx configuration.
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    AVOID - 4U, 2x Node, 4x E5 V3/V4, 56x LFF SAS3 3.5" bay - $299 - CISCO UCS C3260

    FRU for me has always meant Field Replaceable Unit. Pretty much what it sounds like. Parts that can (relatively) be easily swapped without returning the device to the factory. edit also parts that can be added or upgraded once the unit has been deployed.
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    $13/TB Sata Recertified Drives

    sure, I bought one lot in December of 2020 off ebay (all seller had) and then contacted them directly to buy more stock as they inventoried them, all in all I purchased 33 (1 shelf spare, 2 sets of 16 for my two TNC CSE-836's). Avg price was about 287/drive. At the time it was a pretty good...
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    $13/TB Sata Recertified Drives

    I'm currently using 32 recertified white-label EXOS 16 16TB SAS drives. They've been flashed with retail seagate firmware and have been rock solid since they were deployed and I'm super happy with them.
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    EXPIRED ebay Intel P3605 1.6TB HHHL - 140 (sold out)-150 (sold out) USD shipped

    Edited to update deal status as dead. I've been watching this for a while and is the best price I've seen on the p3605. I've purchased from the various buybest's before and have not had an issue that they didn't fix and they have cut me some deals beyond what is in their listings when buying...
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    18 TB WD Ultrastar DC HC550 @ $320

    thread. Your first comment is #11. o_O ;)
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    18 TB WD Ultrastar DC HC550 @ $320

    just an fyi - limit 60 per customer. HAHA! also a chance that while being WD 18 DC HC550 these may be OEM drives. There's another thread about that happening with this seller (Macsales / OWC) and the potential for warranty challenges.