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    EXPIRED Arista DCS-7060CX-32S 32P 100GbE $1500 OBO

    If you Googled "EOS 4.27.0F" you will probably find the result you want.
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    EU [SOLD] 2X Mellanox ConnectX-5 CX515A-CCAT 100GbE Adapter + Cable

    This one is the Gen 3 version if you search the product number (CX515A-CCAT )
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    [FS][Worldwide] Xeon Gold 6226/6240M CPUs

    bump Feel free to PM me if you think the price is too high or have any questions regarding the CPUs/Payment/Shipping.
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    How do people here provision new Ceph nodes?

    OpenStack Ironic (Bifrost for more easy standalone setup) + Ansible (install packages, OS configurations) + Cephadm
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    [FS][Worldwide] Xeon Gold 6226/6240M CPUs

    Hi, Currently having some spares Xeon Gold 6226/6240M CPUs for sale. Spec Code Spec Quantity Available Pricing Xeon Gold 6226 SRFPP 12 core/24 thread 2.7Ghz 7 1100 800USD/each Xeon Gold 6240M SRFPZ 18 core/36 thread 2.6Ghz 4 1650 1300USD/each Most of them have scratches on them...
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    Virtualization with proxmox on dual 3647 socket board - What would you recommend?

    I will actually recommend getting a M1 Mac mini for music production or video editing.
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    Starting small with Ceph storage

    As far as I know, the newest version of Ceph drop RDMA support, while in older version RDMA support is not in stable release, you will have to build the binary from source. I would say if you need low latency is your priority, Ceph isn't your first choice. Still, if you want to use Ceph, I...