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    X10SRA + E5-1650v3 + ECC UDIMMs - POST code 67

    Have you found the root cause of this issue? I've also encounter this issue occasionally and haven't found a good solution yet.
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    Bloomberg Reports China Infiltrated the Supermicro Supply Chain We Investigate

    Supermicro refutes the claim in its website. Supermicro | News | Supermicro Refutes Claims in Bloomberg Article
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    BACK--> X10SDV-F-O --> $609

    Back to 640 :)
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    Availability of e5 1650 v4, current Supermicro X10SRA bios upgrade.

    I actually just build a workstation with E5-1650v4 with X10SRA. My CPU isn't in retail packaging though Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Openstack 2016: Ubuntu or Mirantis?

    In my personal experience, Mirantis OpenStack(Fuel) is quite easy to setup and deploy due to it web interface. I went for it after trying other different methods such as puppet or RDO.
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    AMD Opteron A1100 – Now “Released”

    @gigatexal Docker still doesn't run natively on AArch64 architecture. It may be fun if I can make it work on them.
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    AMD Opteron A1100 – Now “Released”

    @Patrick @gigatexal I think I'll run some benchmark on it after getting linux kernel fixed. The kernel that Gigabyte provide is actually problematic, and haven't gotten my own cross-compiled kernel to work with my config, they just kernel panic every time I boot. However, I got the config that...
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    AMD Opteron A1100 – Now “Released”

    @Patrick I'm a undergraduate university student in Taiwan, I got those board from the computer science department of my school as they bought some for research usage but they rarely use it. So I took two of those for my own research.
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    AMD Opteron A1100 – Now “Released”

    Got some Gigabyte MP30-AR0 board to play around. Had a hard time with them as u-boot is not just as easy to use as UEFI BIOS. Also the kernel for arm64 boards are still a problem, can't get kvm and docker to work on those system. Wish that these AMD processor could have some better support then...
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    SAMSUNG SM843 Pro Data Center Series MZ-7PD4800/0D3 2.5"

    @T_Minus StorageReview got a review on them. Samsung SM843 Enterprise SSD Review | - Storage Reviews
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    Intel Xeon D-1500 Series Discussion

    Seems like the pricing maybe around $800 Pricing at AntaresPro
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    Intel Xeon D-1500 Series Discussion

    @chinesetunna There's a high chance that they're embedded only.
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    $375 or Best Offer Sandisk CloudSpeed Eco 960GB

    Another 3 from same seller $390 or best offer SanDisk Cloudspeed Eco Solid State Drive 960GB 1TB SSD SATA 2 5" Hard Drive 0619659119607 | eBay
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    $375 or Best Offer Sandisk CloudSpeed Eco 960GB

    Found a great deal on eBay 0.4$ per GB for SanDisk CloudSpeed Eco Only one left SanDisk Smart 960GB SSD Cloudspeed Eco 1TB 2 5" SATA Internal Solid State Drive 0619659119607 | eBay