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    Supermicro have it in their arsenal now - AOC-SLG4-4E4T

    I have a plan for a high performance fileserver with a 216b chassis (~700€) and the BPN-NVMe3-216N-S4 backplane (24x u.2 direct attach backplane, ~$350 at wiredzone)
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    High capacity, energy efficient, performant NAS build options?

    The 846ba has a passive backplane, you will need two additional 8port hba to use all the drive bays
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    storage gold rush?

    ._. Sadly there is a difference between "want" and "need" and that difference will take a lot of money out of my pocket :(
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    storage gold rush?

    Cheapest listed price for exos x16 16tb sata is now 150%+, (my reference for "normal" prices) is now at 252% (758€ as of today vs 301€ from 2021-04-02)
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    New Microchip Microsemi Adaptec SmartRAID 3162-8i RAID Adapters

    There was at least one firmware update (currently at 3.53) and some fixes in the release notes are similar to what I described in my previous post. I've updated to that versionen but didn't change my setup in the last ~ 6months, so I can't tell if the problems were solved or not.
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    Discussion: Threadripper Pro

    You're looking to close. Take a step back and look on it at the system level; mainboard features, rackmount vs tower configurations, cooling options/noise.
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    Brocade 8Gb 8G SW transceivers for Ethernet?

    Sfp+ supports 10gbe, sdr infiniband, fibre channel, sonet and escon (I never heard of the last two) according to SFF-8472 ( It should work...
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    Multiple HBAs on a single expander

    They use dual port sas drives and two expandeers? :D A sas switch are cascaded expanders with sas zoning enabled/configured Microsoft supported this storage spaces setup with dual ported sas devices and dual expanders
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    NVMe Raid 4x Drives

    Icydock had to add a warning on their site because the backplane used in that cage caused problems with different cables.
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    Xeon v3 workstation

    Why exactly v3? Overclocking?
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    Benchmarkin RaidZ2 vs vDevs

    What are you trying to achieve/do with the storage? Mirrors are for performance, but I wouldn't use hdds for that Parity ist for storage efficiency, "great" for hdds
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    Any downside to buying Intel SSDs via Supermicro?

    Wiredzone has a good customerservice, ask them to type a serial number of such a ssd into the intel warranty check tool and send you the result :D
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    Need Supermicro replacement parts, where to get for reasonable price

    If he uses a passive heatsink the fans in the middle will spin at higher rpms -> more noise.