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    Mellanox ConnectX-3 Wake on LAN

    3) Not BIOS, but Boot Rom which could be used to Boot a OS via Network 4) ipmi ist awesome for starting Systems remotely :)
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    Looking for a UPS

    PCs, monitors and tvs should be able to use c13 to c14 cables to connect to ups I use such a powerstrip to "convert" from the c13 of my ups to schuko :D (Brennenstuhl 1156057128)
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    Seagate Exos 2X14 Mach.2 500MBps Hard Drive Launched

    comming here from google... After searching for information how exactly seagate achieves more throughput :D let's say we have two hdds with 8 platters each, each platter has the same storage density and capacity hdd 1: (single actuator) hdd 2: (dual actuators) how can hdd 2 be faster (in...
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    QSFP28 100G to differents speeds like 40Gb

    I have the "opposite" problem: I have multiple 100GBE nics but can't/won't update to a 100GBE switch in the near future* and have to stick with my 40GBE switch :D The 100GBE nics are mellanox cx-4 vpi cards (2 are hpe branded) and they work fine with all qsfp+ and qsfp14 cable connected to an...
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    20TB hard drive for $295

    failed enterprise/startup?
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    280W TDP CPU in Supermicro 2U?

    It was the preapplied thermal grease from the SNK-P0064AP4 heatsink. Photo from another heatsink: I would use the "x method with dots" like amd shows in their videos: (Funny thing: the guy uses the threadripper(pro) wrench and taped the logos in that video:D)
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    Chelsio NIC breakdown

    I'm curios if they can be crossflashed like mellanox cards :D
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    280W TDP CPU in Supermicro 2U?

    I rerun the tests to see what differences in temps I will get now that the thermal grease is set Ambient temp: 27°C Humidty: 50-52% (Analog hygrometer) Fan settings: Optimum speed Idle temps: SNK-P0063AP4 without airshroud: 47°C SNK-P0063AP4 with airshroud: 47°C The SNK-P0063AP4 is...
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    280W TDP CPU in Supermicro 2U?

    Threaripper Pro 3955WX on a M12SWA with 128GB ddr4 3200MHZ ram Ambient temp: 28°C Humidty: 40-44% (Analog hygrometer) Fan settings: Optimum speed Stress test with Prime95 v30.8 b15 SNK-P0064AP4: 90°C SNK-P0063AP4 without airshroud: 89°C SNK-P0063AP4 with airshroud: 90°C Idle temps...
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    Server 2022 essentials included RDP CAL's?

    From experience windows server will work fine without cals/licenses. You (the customers) want to have the proper cals/licenses when you (they) get auditioned (by microsoft or other entities for certain iso certifications) :D
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    12G spinners vs 6G spinners

    hdds? nope. maybe when seagate finally releases the hdds with multiple actuators (which can almost max out a 6GBit/s link) for everybody (see Edit: it makes sense to buy 12GBit/s hdds when they are the...
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    12G spinners vs 6G spinners

    Rerun the test with a larger files (let's say 30+ GByte) and put the hdd in the same slot (and let it "cool off" after each benchmark run). I think the result's will be even closer... I'm not sure what you mean... 6 GBit/s is ~550MByte/s with encoding and sata+sas tunneling protocol. Nothing...
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    20TB hard drive for $295

    I would check the seagate website for warranty and firmware downloads. if there is still warrant and firmware downloads available then yes, it's a great deal. (I think seagate exos are to hdds what intel dc ssds were for ssds)
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    Samsung PB SSD at 128TB for 60PB All-flash Racks

    I was thinking put these ssds in a pcie chassis/jbof and let a dedicated cpu (close to the chassis/jbof) do this work. (reminds me of hardware raid :D)
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    2022 Server Memory upgrade

    new? used? location? new & germany: 64gb dimmms