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    EU Rackable NM46X 12-LFF chassis 60€ BO

    The Tyan (socket F) is much newer than the Arima (S940), though both are obsolete. I have both the 2U chassis (4 hot swap bays) and 3U chassis (12 hot swap bays) and you want the Tyan version. The PSU has PWM control of the fan, it's much more efficient, the drive caddies are plastic/metal as...
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    EU Brocade ICX6430 (1G) 'quiet fanless model non-poe' - £75

    Still waiting for anyone to have a sale on the SX6036, which seems to be the best value for a 10G switch (and low power consumption):
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    EU Meraki MR52 29,90€ (gone)

    Thanks, this appears to be the radio firmware. Does /proc/cmdline exist? Or can you post the output from u-boot? Looking at the build instructions above, I should have realized their WiFi AP OS is probably quite similar to their switch OS. Their instructions tell you to create an empty...
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    EU Meraki MR52 29,90€ (gone)

    Sure. Could you try the following (lines starting with # are comments): # should give you a list of mtd partitions, may not exist cat /proc/mtd # will show you any/all mtd devices present ls /dev/mtd* # read the contents of mtdblock1 and output base64 # record the serial console output with...
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    EU Meraki MR52 29,90€ (gone)

    Do you have access to the mtdblock devices in this mode? It would be very useful if you did, as you could dump the OS image from NAND (using dd + base64 and then extracting that from the serial log). The Meraki GPL archive does not usually contain their init scripts, which are very useful to...
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    EU ebay: Supermicro X10SLE-F (Micro-Cloud node) usually under 10 Euro

    BMC archive: BIOS: X10SLE-F | Motherboards | Products | Super Micro Computer, Inc. (see: "Update Your BIOS")
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    Meraki MS220-series FOSS firmware

    Update: By first running switch_brain, and then overwriting the default traffic rules with “allow all” I was able to SSH to the management CPU: / # echo "allow all" > /click/nat/common_switch_nat/from_smc_filter/config / # echo "allow all" > /click/nat/common_switch_nat/from_mgmt_filter/config...
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    EU offer: import small items from the US to Europe

    Sorry if I wasn't clear, I would like to buy both (if you're willing).
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    EU offer: import small items from the US to Europe

    Still available? If so, I'm down for these. Let me know if you want me to SEPA you a deposit or something to hold them.
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    EU Meraki MR52 29,90€ (gone)

    Yes, Meraki's entire firmware appears to be based on an old fork of OpenWrt. It resembles nothing like upstream though. The kernel build date in the boot log is from 2018, so they should be required to disclose the source code. They can take a week or so to reply though. If no one is able to...
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    EU Meraki MR52 29,90€ (gone)

    That indeed looks like it could be a UART port. Just want to throw out there that testing connections with a multi-meter in ohm mode risks destroying the UART Rx line. I did that with one of my Meraki switches and now UART Rx doesn't work :( Now I just measure voltages, if it's below 3.3V, I...
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    Potential Deal: 2 x Dual 2011 nodes @$199, Quanta Openrack

    Awesome, thanks! Are you located in China, or did you use a shipment forwarding service to ship it outside China?
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    EU Meraki MR52 29,90€ (gone)

    No, you have to email and request it. The boot log may not be necessary, in my case they tried to claim that since the device was discontinued more than 3 years ago, they weren't under any license obligation to release the source code. Having the boot logs with the...
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    EU Meraki MR52 29,90€ (gone)

    Do you have access to one? If you know the UART port, having access to the serial boot log is going to be necessary to get Cisco to cough up the source code. Mine was supposed to be delivered to a friend's today, but UPS decided instead to redirect it to an Access Point and didn't bother...