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    Virtualized pfSense OpenVPN performance tweaking

    With proxmox and low-end CPU (E5-2403v2), I'm able to push 500 mbit/s in AES-256-CBC / SHA256 (OPNsense 20.7), the virtual machine config cpu "host" and nic "virtio", and AES-NI box checked in the guest (don't test without). But agree with kapone, in many case, prefer hardware firewall !
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    Hi, yes interested to combine, but for a SX6036, so MSX60-SKIT =/
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    Intel DC S3700 fail

    Fast answer of the support : :confused:
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    Intel DC S3700 fail

    Following your advice, I just open a case. Will see ! Thank's for the tips.
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    Intel DC S3700 fail

    Sadly this is a second hand Dell branded, so can't RMA to Intel directly, and don't have original bill =/
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    Intel DC S3700 fail

    Thank's for the tips, didn't know HDAT2 before. I try, but show errors on blocks and sectors. So I think the drive is dead =/
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    Intel DC S3700 fail

    Hi, Got second hand Intel DC S3700 400Gb (Dell branded SSDSC2BA400G3T). One of the unit don't work after shippment, isdct say "BAD_CONTEXT_1042 UB". Anyone have an idea to unbrick this ? Smart of the failed drive : root@SuperSAN:~# smartctl -a /dev/sdj smartctl 6.6 2017-11-05 r4594...
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    EU deprecated - [FS] 100G Networking stuff

    Ok not suprised sadly, thank's for the test !
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    EU deprecated - [FS] 100G Networking stuff

    I think I already have the awnser, but is the Cisco SG350x-2F10 is 802.11bz (2.5gbe and 5gbe) ? Thank's
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    Full List of ALL Unsupported Devices in ESXI/VMware 7.0!

    Thank's for the list ! The Fusion IO ioScale also don't work in 7.0 :confused:
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    10GbE or multi-gigabit NIC in PCIe 3.0 x1?

    Recently buy the QNAP QXG-5G1T-111C for 56€ beacause I have a MSI Z97M and only pci-e x1 2.0 not open available. I get 2.90 Gb/s, this is nearly 3x improvement over 1Gbs with PCI-E 2.0, happy with it. Edit : The QXG-5G1T-111C is PCI-E 3.0, maybe I could make a test in PCI-E 3.0 if you want to...