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    Dell iDRAC (8 & 9) Enterprise Extended Trial License (240 days)

    I've been able to find it on some Chinese website. Doesn't work for my R530, though: "License import was unsuccessful"
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    Dell iDRAC (8 & 9) Enterprise Extended Trial License (240 days)

    It's no longer available. Have you downloaded a copy?
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    Sun ORACLE X3-2L w/ 4x F40 400GB SSDs & 2x E5-2630L ~ $145

    It looks like it's not, I've had the same issue with 2660 v2. You may try to update BIOS, though: 37.45 MB file on MEGA
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    Raid controllers that support 520/528 byte sector size

    Are there are commonly available SAS RAID controllers that support drives formatted with 528 bytes per sector, either in RAID or HBA mode, i.e. can expose them to the OS as 512 byte? I've encountered some IBM SAS SSDs that, apparently, can't be formatted to 512 b/s (see this post), so I'm...
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    Upgrade 10G network and move away from CX4

    And even less, there are tons of them on eBay for $6-7 DACs can be found <$10 as well.
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    Question about QSFP+ compatibility for CRS354-48G-4S+2Q+RM switch

    Right there in the wiki: My CRS305-1G-4S+IN works fine work with any SFPs. Right now I have an Arista DAC, Qlogic 10G LC fiber SPF+ and a QSFPTEK 10G/5G/2.5G RJ45 SFP plugged in.
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    Experiences with NetApp DS4243

    I didn't try it on Windows, but I suppose it should just work as well without any special drivers.
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    Popular enterprise direct attached storage enclosures

    Netapp DS4243/DS4246 Dell MD1200 Dell Xyratex HB-1235 EMC KNT-STL3 All of them are not drive-locked and will work with any SAS or SATA drives (or a mix of both), including the BestBuy shucked ones.
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    Experiences with NetApp DS4243

    I have a wild mix of different SAS and SATA drives, 4TB-12TB, 512e and 4kn. No caveats so far. I'm not using interposers. Also, it looks like there is absolutely no difference between IOM6 and Dell 601-COMP with regard to performance and drive compatibility. I'm pretty sure both of them are...
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    Experiences with NetApp DS4243

    I can't confirm this. Yes, they need 2 PSUs minimum, but work just fine with one IOM, no noise increase.
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    Experiences with NetApp DS4243

    I have 2 of these shelves. The first one is older and came with IOM3 controllers, the other one is newer and came with IOM6s. I think it might be actually a DS4246, but it doesn't have "DS4246" written anywhere on it. I also picked up a Dell HB-SBB2-E601-COMP controller. It worked fine...
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    EMC KTN-STL3 15 bay chassis

    I have 3 of these and they, basically, just work with any drives without issues. My controller is LSI 9207-8e with IT firmware. Make sure you are using the right caddies/interposers. The ones that work should not have any large ICs on them, just two connectors and some small parts. Part number...
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    SFP+ 10GB Nic for use with Win10 (single is fine)

    SolarFlare SFN5322F I got for $20 from eBay works fine on Windows 10 after installing the drivers from Xilinx site:
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    [SOLVED] [Rec] Inexpensive Dual-Port 40GbE PCIe

    Can MCX354A-QCBT/FCBT be used with QSFP-to-4-SFP breakout cables? Is it possible to get it to work as 8 independent 10gbe ports this way?
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    Changing block size IBM branded Micron S650DC-800 SSD

    I can't find the controller list in the source code (bjking1/iprutils). There are only some old PCI SCSI cards mentioned in the README. Do you know of any specific model?