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    8 pin connectors nolonger out put 12V afterusing the wrong GPU power cable

    Did you verify if the PSU itself is still sending 12V to the motherboard? Maybe the issue is the PSU and not the motherboard. Would hate for you to go to the trouble of replacing SMDs if it’s just a PSU problem
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    [SOLVED] ROMED8-2T Finally Replaced (RMA), Having Issues

    When you’re using the GPU, do you have the monitor hooked up to the GPU? Because you have it set to primary graphics on External. Meaning it switches display output to the GPU. If you want the GPU attached but display through the onboard VGA, then switch the setting from External to Onboard or...
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    AMD Milan 7763 stuck at 400 MHz during heavy IO load

    Actually. As an update for my issue specifically. I updated my BIOS from 3.2 to 3.4 and my issue went away. maybe some BIOS corruption. I did see a bunch of CPU over voltage alarms in the IPMI logs. The over volt condition probably threw the CPU into some kind of safe mode. Unsure if it was a...
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    AMD Milan 7763 stuck at 400 MHz during heavy IO load

    Did you ever figure this out? Disheartening to see no replies. my 7443P just started doing this during high load also (BOINC, TN-Grid and Universe@home). It seems to happen intermittently after many hours of running. So far the only way to bring back the performance and normal clocks is to...
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    No system inventory in IPMI interface for new Asrock Rack ROMED8-2T mobo and Epyc 7443P cpu

    this version also lacks the front panel USB-C connector that the earlier revision had.
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    [FS][USA-MD] EPYC 7402P, not vendor locked

    So there you go. About $30-$35 USD extra to Poland. I’d probably use Randomer’s service via FedEx. Price might change slightly when factoring the exact addresses, but that’s at least a ballpark figure. shoot me a PM if you want to buy.
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    [FS][USA-MD] EPYC 7402P, not vendor locked

    small flat rate international shipping via USPS is about $35
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    [FS][USA-MD] EPYC 7402P, not vendor locked

    AMD EPYC 7402P, not vendor locked. Price: $450 shipped (US only, extra based on location for international) pic:
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    Xeons with an open multiplier

    you're right, QK3S is it. I misread some online posts about the code. I have the cooler on there now, and didn't feel like taking it off and re-pasting to read the code lol. edited my posts to reflect the right code. but what about the flip side with retail chips. since this board is a very...
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    Xeons with an open multiplier

    that's a little too vague for any relevant results. do you have any specific sku numbers that correspond to ES models of OEM v4 skus? like how QK3S is the ES for my 1660v4, i need those "Qxxx" numbers
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    When will the EPYC 7002 dump on the second hand market?

    EPYC Rome prices are already half what they were last year. looking good.
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    2x EPYC 7713 CPUs bought from a US seller on Ebay..

    seconded a good rating for that seller. I've bought several EPYC Romes and DDR4 from him. easy to work with.
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    Xeons with an open multiplier

    thanks, but I obviously can't use lga3647 cpus on my x99 lga2011-3 board. I need an ES that fits this board. does anyone have any specific skus/models I can search for?
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    Xeons with an open multiplier

    this is what I'm looking for. an unlocked ES v4 (2011-3) that's more than 8c16t. my 1660v4 ES is already unlocked (and kind of a rare part, not a lot of info about it). I just want more cores.