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    SOLD: Western Digital Data102 JBOD Enclosure $200 + Shipping

    I'm very interested and would love to move forward. I sent you a DM.
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    EU Gone: HPE Samsung PM 1643 15.36TB 12G SAS SSD - 27 Power on Hours, WTB: X10SRL-F

    I don't know much about HPE drives. Are those vendor locked or can I use those on any PC?
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    WTB SuperMicro X10SDV-7TP4F

    I have one that I'd be willing to part ways with. What's your bottom line price?
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    Dual 100gbe PCIe 4.0 x16 MCX516A-CDAT <=$450

    Do you know if FreeNAS supports this card out of the box?
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    Ebay - Supermicro 4U CSE-417 72 Bay 599.00 OBO YMMV

    Do you think there would be any compatibility issues by swapping out those stock fans for Noctua fans for my homelab?
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    32GB PC3-14900 DDR3 LRDIMM 4x @ $150 of better

    Ah, I must have glossed over that. Thanks!
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    32GB PC3-14900 DDR3 LRDIMM 4x @ $150 of better

    This would work with a new AMD 3900x / x570 motherboard configuration, right?
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    HGST UltraStar SS200 7.68TB SAS SSD under 1.5k

    I forgot to ask earlier. What's the best way to test a drive for authenticity?
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    HGST UltraStar SS200 7.68TB SAS SSD under 1.5k

    I bought one as well. It arrived today, but my 12Gbps SAS controller doesn't arrive until Thursday so I can't test it until then.
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    FS: EVGA SuperNOVA 750w PS / And MORE - Offers please!! It all needs to go...

    Is it their retail version or "beta/early access" version?
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    WTB: 4U case for 24+ drives *completed*

    I have a total of three RPC-4224 4U 24 Bay Rackmount Server Cases that I'm willing to depart with. I can also sell you the associated SFF-8087 cables and PSUs if you're interested. More details can be found here - I'm over in Reston and you can pick...
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    Brand New LSI 9201-16e LSI00276 HBA $24.50!

    They are being sold on Amazon too from the same company for $26.