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    20TB hard drive for $295

    i figured i had been victim of something in the past, i just don't remember what it was, maybe it was an obvious used drive acting like new. anyway, enjoy.
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    20TB hard drive for $295

    samir, it was an amazon purchase, i recently contacted them questioning warranty and had some weird reply, as much as i really need 18tb's right now, i chose to pay the 350 and get from newegg/provantage on the exos line unfortunately to go side by side with those toshiba's. i wish i could trust...
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    20TB hard drive for $295

    it was a few years ago and i believe i had purchased from their amazon store. fyi, serverpartsdeals sells a lot on ebay my friend.
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    20TB hard drive for $295

    i don't trust these guys what so ever, i have no evidence of anything but they really rubbed me the wrong way once when i bought new drives from them and they were refurbished. i have been looking for 18+ sata/sas and would rather buy from the guy selling the toshiba's for $266 on ebay (all...
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    FS: Intel Xeon Platinum 8259CL, PERC H750, QLogic 25/10GB SFP+, Cisco 3064-X 10G+40G

    Dell HYM6Y PERC H750 12Gbps 8GB Cache PCI-E RAID Controller with cable (Low Profile) [WORKING PULL] - QTY 1 - $400 Dell 051GRM QLogic QL41262HFCU-DE 25/10GB SFP+ Dual-Port Network Card NIC 25GbE (High Profile) [WORKING PULLS] - QTY 4 - $175 EACH Intel Xeon Platinum 8259CL, 24 Cores @ 2.5 GHz...
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    FS: Lanner Atom C2558 Fanless Network Appliance - $50

    yea i saw this but was too late, didn't even bother sending the message. BlueFox always has nice ones of these, i will wait in line for his next drop
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    EU [FS][SOLD] Supermicro, Qnap, P3605, KVM stuff and more

    i'd take the console too but you're in EU
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    WD SN630 U.2 NVME SSDs owc is on ebay too and if you have 5% ebay bux option today like i do.
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    US - STH Perpetual Freebies Thread

    yes, they come with 2 SFP each, they're 8gb emulex