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    Which Tiny/Mini/Micro to Get for a 4K Plex Server?

    HP 290 and HP S01 could work too
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    Where can I find hdd trays/caddies for HGST 4U60G2 60 bay chassis

    I have a 4u60 and a great 3d scanner. I could try taking one apart and scanning/photographing all the parts. I assume the 4u60G2 uses the same trays. Did you ever find any?
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    The Green Hornet - All Flash Mini-ITX NAS - 100TiB usable

    Yeah no rush on any of that was just wondering if you had the numbers. On a liveaboard sailboat every watt counts since you generate it yourself. Im still years away from buying a boat
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    The Green Hornet - All Flash Mini-ITX NAS - 100TiB usable

    What is your idle power usage and max power under load? I always thought something like this would be great for being on a liveaboard sailboat where minimal power usage and tiny footprint is key
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    Samsung PM853T drives too old?

    I've got a PM853T still going strong. I got it for good write endurance and it hasn't had an issue yet
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    Open Compute Windmill build guide

    I'm pulling a windmill v2 board back out and wanting to use it to mostly run plex/emby. Any reason I can't tap into the main 12 volt + and - at the top of the board (looks like i could solder attach some wires there in a few places), run it through a 7.5 amp fuse (needs 6.25amps for 75 volts) to...
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    Potential Deal: 2 x Dual 2011 nodes @$199, Quanta Openrack

    If anyone has it, I need a copy of the most recent Quanta windmill bios. I have F03C3A07. Not sure what is on it until i boot it up but would like 10 and 11 to be able to add if get the v2 xeons I have both a few wywinn and a single quanta board. Anything newer than the v3 bios for the wywinns...
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    Open Compute WindMill v2 Motherboard

    Which manufacturer and version do you have? Quanta or Wywinn? I may have a copy of the quanta and wywinn somewhere as i have both.
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    [FS] [US-MA] Brocade ICX 7250-48

    Also looking for the 24p or 48p version. Part of upgrade is adding poe for Aps and cameras. Good luck
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    NVIDIA Quadro P2000 new for $350

    Man my rack pulls 450 watts idle haha. Considering my electric cost per kwh thats $366 a year. I need to go device by device and see what is pulling what. The server itself (not counting hgst 4u and hard drives) is only 80 watts so not sure it is worth downgrading unless i can run at miniscule...
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    NVIDIA Quadro P2000 new for $350

    If emby went by users and not by devices I'd use it a lot more. I actually like it a lot especially for feeding out iptv/dvr. That's impressive it can do 18 transcodes on plex. Hmm makes me wonder what i could do to reduce my power usage levels and simplify
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    15TB SAS3 SSDs $1500

    Good point about SAS it is power hungry. I have a few. Sata seems to be the sweet spot
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    15TB SAS3 SSDs $1500

    I have a future use for them but not yet. Hopefully prices come down even more. I'm going to go the large ssd route when i get a big catamaran sailboat to live on in a few years. I'll be able to keep my storage, not susceptible to wave motion and super low power is needed. Low power usage is...
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    Looking for router advice before moving to AT&T fiber

    Yep all 0 bytes on the .der files ill give sync a shot. The mfg.dat came through ok I copied over the files a few different ways. That and typeing "sync" before the umount seemed to fix it. So finally have the valid .der files
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    Looking for router advice before moving to AT&T fiber

    Yep that was it baud rate of 115200 worked. I now have valid certs and mfg.dat for the 210. I must be doing something wrong in supplicant mode of pfsense. It hangs at waiting for eap to authorize when using the script. Bah