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    Gigabit + 10Gb Switches under $550

    EDIT: Both mentioned in another thread: 10gbe copper switch Netgear GS110MX (unmanaged) Price: ~$265 1GbE - 8 10Gbase-T - 2 10Gb SFP+ - 0 Link - GS110MX – 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch with 10-Gigabit/Multi-Gigabit Uplinks Netgear GS110EMX (web managed) Price: ~$330 1GbE - 8...
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    Where are the Atom C3000 boards?

    Here in Sweden some of the Supermicro boards (currently 5 out of 13 in stock) can be bought from Mullet (link to all Atom boards, Swedish only). The prices are in SEK without VAT. I don't know if they do any international shipping. But it mostly sounds like you wanted to see actual prices of...
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    what's your ZFS flavor?

    On the client side I prefer Debian + ZoL, mainly because I've been using Debian on my desktop for a long time. However, on the server side I prefer plain FreeBSD on bare metal. I have been using OpenIndiana/OmniOS and Debian with ZFS on servers as well, e.g. for KVM hosting and iSCSI targets...