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    Is this a fake Cisco SFP+ transceiver?

    Looks right to me, fakes are good these days but nothing looking at that tips me off, serial number looks right and so on.
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    RHEL8 VDO NAS Performance

    some small discussion about it here, I did some testing just on a single or few SSD‘s way back then but didn’t go past that, to me it looked really promising but then didn’t hear much about it...
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    Supermicro MB_10G, 10GBe NIC high temperature

    No temps in ARK only the inlet temp which seems high at 55 degrees. So I don’t know the answer to max temp but maybe 90-100 is not unexpected as max temp
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    Warning.. WD HC530 14Tb at too good to be true pricing

    in days gone by this is the case buy your shouldn’t be surprised that there is also heaps of very legitimate businesses on eBay doing huge volumes. The whole separation of distribution channels is nothing like it used to be.
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    Of BBQ and Virtualization Why Large Nodes Reign

    I am amused and think it was good for people to learn the basics rather than somebody launching into discussion the finer details of it in a technical way leading to the discussions of CPU ready time in ESX etc. just makes me hungry :)
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    Supermicro MB_10G, 10GBe NIC high temperature

    Pretty normal for all but the newest 10G chipsets for copper, one reason that SFP+ is preferred by many. Have to get some airflow over the heatsink.
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    Help Buying From Supermicro Store

    wow , mind blown actually. Super useful info!
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    Recommended HBAs for Windows Server 2019

    Nothing wrong with a H240, but what’s it going into a HPE gen9 system then great, it’s gen10 I would go to once in the new HBA’s same age as gen10. whitebox server I am not sure sure I would use it, probably better with vanilla LSI HBA
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    Help Buying From Supermicro Store

    I have used the assisted buyer with shipito before but didn’t know they would do Supermicro store. Should try it next time I need so thing that’s it’s the cheapest option.
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    PoE and 36 AWG patch cables ?

    For home I am a huge fan of slim cables, just makes cabling so much easier. at work it’s all cat6a/cat7 which is horrible and that’s even using the quality stuff. i tend to use POE rated cable for POE devices though but thy are higher power at 20+ watts. (Access points)
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    EU Meraki MR52 29,90€ (gone)

    MR33 worth hacking ? I have some not assigned but no license..
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    Gone - 3.84TB Micron 5100 ECO SATA SSD - $250 OBO (eBay)

    They are pretty poor performing drives, for sure aimed at cheap storage and they are SATA , i have some, just use them for regular storage like photos and files, replaced spinning disks good while back. For that they are good.
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    HP Microserver Gen 10 Plus and SSD's

    Rather hard to believe a standard intel SATA ssd would not work, very strange.
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    How bad can your SMART numbers be on a used HD before you refuse it?

    4 dead drives I guess that box has been dropped , I would just return them all.
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    My BBQ and Smoker Thread

    My only complaint is that it’s making me damn hungry and can’t get any good brisket or pastrami here :( If I had the space (or not living on apartment/condo) I would have my own as well.