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    Building the Ultimate x86 and Arm Cluster-in-a-Box

    I think he just means a list of the different available options from the different vendors.
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    [EU] How to get currently large HDD for cheap?

    Also here for price ideas…
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    FS 716322-081 24gb 3rx4 PC3L-10600R M393B3G70BV0-YH9Q3 $17.50

    I don’t but I do have maybe some 16gb i think, in a rush ? I probably won’t get to check until Monday or Tuesday next week.
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    ES Xeon Discussion

    I know I don’t run any actual heavy workload but other than people who are practicing some data silence or some AI/ML I am not convinced anybody would need beyond 16cpu, memory maybe more so. Probably I don’t care as much as some hanging out here because I get to play with the big stuff at work...
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    ES Xeon Discussion

    7551P = 32 cores but only 3ghz max boost 6130H = 16 cores but 3.7ghz boost clock If it’s a lot of VM’s or highly threaded workload then the AMD but the Intel is really not a bad cpu and lower tdp so possibly easier to cool. Maybe licensing is a topic for you also ? (Let’s say windows with the...
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    Searching for cheap ECC UDIMM

    Ouch ! But sadly no such thing as ‘cheap’ ddr4 ecc udimm in larger sizes and higher speeds. Last stuff I got was just 2666 HPE genuine nearly $100 but I needed it.
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    Recommended platform for a home server

    As something that just works (although less memory capability) I really like the HPE micro server gen10+ Small, quiet, well built. HPE well supported, I think you can read about the AMD support, does depend what features you wound use and for you use case I guess not an issue.
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    256GB on Supermicro A2SDi-H-TF

    @goon369 that’s really interesting that it works, didn’t expect that. Don’t know if we see the new Aton cores available in embedded boards , would be super interested in them and also waiting for the new icelake Xeon-D’s that will be available next year, X12SDV-8C is listed in an OS...
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    Apple Ignites the Industry with the M1 Pro and M1 Max

    A bit sad they didn’t also release a Mac mini with the same CPU’s. (Hold on, it’s not I don’t really ‘need one’ ) If I didn’t have a perfectly good 2017 15” I would be buying for sure, now if only they would make a follow on to the 12” MacBook that would be perfect. Damn those ssd upgrade...
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    Ruckus Wireless as an Unifi alternative?

    I don’t know much about Ruckus but I can’t imagine it’s different than Cisco and Aruba where you can just use a controller as a controller and you can also use it to create GRE tunnels back from the AP to controller to then terminate that traffic in a different network zone, you won’t normally...
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    WiFi 6 router with SMBv1 support and High Availability

    Which may or may not die some time in the future. If you have it an it’s not a critical role just let it run but be prepared it won’t work one day as any single system really. Let’s just say while a lot of people have had them die I have replaced heaps prior to death and not bothered replacing...
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    Intel Gracemont Low Power x86 Cores

    Would love to see these chips in the wild as low power server solution, I wonder is Intel should have given the line a whole new name… these should be really capable CPU’s where there is need for some lower power cores probably were you need a lot of threads. I wonder what the PCIe support will...
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    What is a Direct Attach Copper (DAC) Cable?

    Next time I am at the DC I will check if I have an old one to cut open, I also have no real idea. My guess it 4 pairs of cables for the 40G + cables.
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    What is a Direct Attach Copper (DAC) Cable?

    To me DAC is ‘direct attach cable’ , yes the more common is twinax copper style but also lots of AOC ‘active optical cable’ Or if we say DAC really is just cooper next article could be about AOC cables but I would more mention they exist.
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    How do people here provision new Ceph nodes?

    Another vote for OpenStack + Ansible