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    Does ASRock Rack RomeD8-2T support bifurcation?

    Fantastic, that's awesome thank you!
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    Does ASRock Rack RomeD8-2T support bifurcation?

    I don't see anything in the Manual or BIOS screens about bifurcation support. Does anyone know if any or all 7 PCIE slots can be broken out as x4/x4/x4/x4?
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    Broadcom PEX88000 PCIE4 & PEX9700 PCIE3

    The Broadcom PEX88000 PCIE 4 and Broadcom PEX9700 PCIE 3 family of chips have some very intriguing features, most interestingly Tunneled Windows Connection (TWC) that allows true multi-host to host communication via DMA. The previous generation PEX8700 only supported Non-Transparent Bridge...
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    AMD V1000 with PCIE x8

    The AMD v1000 series seems like the perfect system for a small form factor 1xM.2 2800 NVME + 1xSATA SSD/HDD Ceph OSD system. Connecting to an Infiniband backbone is paramount so a PCIE 3.0 x8 slot for QDR is a must have. Up to this point the best I've seen is PCIE 2.0 x8 outside of EPYC which...
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    Poor Man's PCIe switch

    Application is varied. multi-host without NT. Those things run less than $500 which to me is dirt cheap were it to work. $1k would be pushing it for an unknown part.
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    Poor Man's PCIe switch

    I've stumbled across IEI's SPXE-11S :: IEI which has 6 PCIe Gen3 ports attached to a PEX 8724. Even though this is a backplane part, I'm wondering if this could also be used standalone as a poor man's 6-port PCIe switch. Does anyone know if there would need to be firmware changes to be able to...
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    Open Hardware for PCIE fabric

    Unfortunately standards to affordable silicon let alone devices and software will be a long cycle. Definitely good to keep it mind for the stack. Thank you for pointing that out.
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    Open Hardware for PCIE fabric

    I have been running Mellanox QDR Infiniband primarily due to the magnitude of difference in latency using RDMA and its use via SRIOV in containers and VMs. Unfortunately Infiniband in the industry is almost entirely proprietary and PCIE fabrics have been a promising future for years now without...
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    FWBuilder - alternatives

    Many years ago, probably a decade, I was looking closely at Untangle They touted the open source model and I considered contributing to their apps, but was leery of their license agreement which gave them ownership of all contributed work that they would then license back free...
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    Paltry EIPOIB Performance

    I have 3 Threadripper servers with MCX354A-QCBT ConnectX-3 cards connected to a Voltaire 4036 via WLGORE QSFP+ cables. I would like to do an ethernet bridge with docker swarm/kubernetes, but am seeing aweful EIPOIB performance for some strange reason. Regular IPOIB gets around 12-16Gbps...