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    Topton Jasper Lake Quad i225V Mini PC Report

    But what's between the copper block and the aluminum enclosure? Paint? Looks like they simply took a piece of sandpaper to the other contact point, rather than masking the area during coating. You can already see what appears to be thermal distress in the paint, presumably during factory...
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    inline ubuntu firewall

    Suggest taking control of your network by putting an open source enterprise class firewall between the Crapcast modem and your local network, and enable intrusion detection/prevention (pfBlockerNG, GeoIP blocking, Suricata, etc.). Put the Crapcast modem in passthru or bridge mode so the...
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    Thoughts on T-Mobile 5G Internet?

    @ReturnedSword Netgear makes a LTE modem that can put in bridge mode (4G/LTE only, not 5G) Problem is LTE IP addresses are not public, unless you pay extra for a static public IP address.
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    My rack shakes/bends, is it dangerous?

    At first glance, your CG is way too high and a rack without a welded frame should NOT be moved with equipment in rack or put on casters. If you are in an earthquake zone, it will need to be secured in some manner. Check your local building and OSHA codes. Get the "bible" for racking electronic...
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    New Micron 232-Layer NAND Increases Drive Density

    What is the tradeoff? Durability?
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    Synology 218+ and 2.5ghz dongle

    Welcome. Synology does not support USB to Ethernet adapters. Your bottleneck is not likely the Gb LAN connection, but the performance limited dual core Celeron and...
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    EU APC SMT2200RMI2U rack ears and or rails

    Maybe P/N 870-6857A-002 P/N 870-1250A/B L / 870-1251A/B R Or Kit
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    My HDDs get too hot. What type of fans do I need?

    You should really be looking for cases that are "cool" and not just look "cool". Form over function will always result in technical compromise. Just ask Jony Ive.
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    FS: Lanner Atom C2558 Fanless Network Appliance - $50

    Without positive confirmation, I wouldn't waste my $ or time.
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    FS: Lanner Atom C2558 Fanless Network Appliance - $50

    Doesn't that Atom CPU have the LPC clock degradation issue?
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    How long does it take for a dead HD to die?

    A: It wasn't alive to begin with.
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    Topton Jasper Lake Quad i225V Mini PC Report

    I’m trying to understand why so may folks want to be an early adopter. I’m glad I’m not one of them.
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    Topton i5 1135G7 Mini PC

    3 out of 4 screws should be good enough, right?
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    Engenius multi AP setup/roaming

    sorry to hear of your troubles. I personally have not had any issues with a dual AP set up. are you using the same SSID for both bands? previously you indicated you were not. Have you checked the RSSI levels for the various clients on the connections page?
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    The QNAP TS-h1290FX Might Be the AMD EPYC NAS STHers Dream About

    Not sure why their prices are so high, given they don't put any resources into SW SQA and security testing.