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    Tesla Cybertruck Real or Fake?

    The 12 coolest features of Tesla's new $39,900 Cybertruck pickup
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    RouterOS: basic firewall policy and rules model

    Have you examined vyos?
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    NVMe storage server on a budget

    Why do you say that? There are plenty of 3u, 4u chassis solutions. With your budget, you will need to be creative. :)
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    "Taming" home network for kids by experts for experts

    lots of folks use pfsense. I am sure it gets the job done, I just never liked it... lol I used Sophos for many years and never had issue with it. It was a polished package for Home nerd usage. Nowadays, I love vyos for its simplicity, performance, and effectiveness. Best
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    Cheap 40GbE at home - too good to be true?

    No worries, op. I have no personal need for 40gbe in my home or lab. but I suspect others would love to set one up in their labs. And it’s a community of sharing which makes it a great site. Hence my reference to the switch mod post and poster. And also the main contributor to your low cost...
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    "Taming" home network for kids by experts for experts

    cool.. vyos is forked from vyatta. It’s command line only, like juniper os. Just a good ole open source router, firewall. But it’s fast and efficient and I like the way the firewall confirms work. suricate is another flavor of ids, ips... Securityonion is a pretty slick package of open...
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    Cheap 40GbE at home - too good to be true?

    The big savings is, of course, getting a 40gbe switch for a steal... all with the assist from a generous poster here who shared the secret sauce to convert a dumb emc ib switch into a fully functioning l3 40gbe switch. :) So It helps to be in the right place at the right time. would you be...
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    Beware of EMC switches sold as Mellanox SX6XXX on eBay

    Any guys still around on this thread that have the assets for this conversion. Thanks for any assist.
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    "Taming" home network for kids by experts for experts

    Everything you mentioned is good. I run vyos and suricata in-line. Just a variant of what you have listed. The most valuable thing I found with my children is education. Teach them about the internet and the benefits and dangers. Make learning fun. best
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    Dedicated pfSense/firewall hardware solution for mid/late 2018?

    Since your running unifi throughout, you might enjoy the usg pro 4. its a decent piece of kit for the price. and should not gimp you on bandwidth running IPS.
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    WTB: 4U case for 24+ drives *completed*

    4u LFF 24bay Storage Server, Dual LGA 2011 v1, 16x DIMM Slots, 2xLP/1xHP 8x PCIe Slot
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    Monero pool vs Nicehash at fork time

    Using xmrig 2.5.2 and stratum+tcp:// no complaints here...
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    Electroneum Wallet Offline

    Yeah - nicehash is paying pretty competitively right now. I've had all my nodes pointed to cryptonight stratums for a week now and (as Joel mentioned in another post) its less hassle to draw income without all the exchange activity. Another plus is recent BTC price action is favorable.
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    Trillion dollar money manager adding crypto to its portfolios

    BTC chewing through sell walls tonight like they are candy...