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    HP P410 controller failure

    Oh well, that was my experience on an intel board - s2600cp2. You are right though there were other boards where I didn't need to do that. Sorry that was my best idea - other than try to firmware flash it again if you can.
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    HP P410 controller failure

    With another HP card (H240) on non HPE hardware I needed to disable the boot BIOS for the card on the motherboard PCI-E configuration - otherwise the server hung. So you can't do anything in the boot up but you could use the OS array management tools once booted. Not ideal. Doesnt seem to be...
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    FS - Cisco UCS 5108 chassis and 6120xp fabric interconnect

    Never mind loud do you need a second mortgage to pay the electricity bill :) I agree though its a fabulous set of kit
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    UK 4x Supermicro X9 Twin-node 2U servers. Seeking help on pricing for sale as lot-of-4.

    Its a good deal fella IMHO even though its only v1/v2 support. if I wasn't trying to downscale I'd be all over this. I'm still tempted.... must resist!
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    ESXi 7.0 and lower cost SAS/SATA RAID

    I have 4 or so H240 raid cards - I've not used them as RAID drives but note I've had varying degrees of success in whitebox servers. I think I had to disable the ROM BIOS for the PCIE slot it was in to get it to work on a supermicro board. I also found the performance questionable at best -...
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    What is wrong with my drives?

    If you can try one outside of the current RAID card? This could be worth a look... Getting error "Add. Sense: Logical block reference tag check failed" or "guard check failed"...
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    Nutanix CE

    I realise I am resurrecting this thread from beyond the grave but what is the feeling on Nutanix CE - worth a test drive?
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    JBOD/DAS enclosure in EU

    I see quite a few Xyratex JBODs on ebay - all 6gbps but might be fine for you - not sure if they are short enough for you? They are supposed to be pretty quiet for a JBOD. The other option is to buy a case and one of those Supermicro jbod boards / an expander etc i.e. make your own.
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    Quanta D51B-2u PCIE slots

    Anyone know / understand how the Quanta PCIE slots work? I've bought one of these; they have a couple of risers in, one is 2 x 8 slots, the other sports a 1 x 8 slot and a 1 x 16 slot. It was sold on the basis that 2 PCIE slots would work - I have only 1 CPU in at the moment so this may be the...
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    Anybody need a PB of storage?

    I've a couple of the 102 drive ones. They are locked to Ultrastar drives in theory but older HGST drives work as to WD Reds; at least in my experience - def no Seagate! I do keep thinking one day the floor will give in and that will be the end of that :)
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    UK HPE MicroServer Gen10 Plus (Pentium Gold G5420) - £377.47 inc. VAT

    I dont think this is a good deal but its cheaper than most sites I think
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    EU SOLD !! 2x 2.41TB - Fusion-io HP ioDrive2 Duo MLC PCIe

    I used one of mine as a game drive for Steam / GOG etc - it hasn't complained so far :)
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    AU Quanta M4600H Ultra-Dense 4U Disk Expansion Unit 60 Bay 2x 6GBPS 60 Trays

    Looks a good price - haven't done any research on this since its in the land of the oz....
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    K8's On VMware

    Thank you - will take a look
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    K8's On VMware

    Hi After some advice - whats the "best" (if any) way to go on a bit pf container action. I've a cluster of a couple of ESXi servers under vCenter on 6.7u2. I'm using a a pair of FusionIO drives with a Storevirtual virtual san (lefthand) to give me a shared storage layer. My identified options...